Aldutto, aldutto, what can it mean,
Can aldutto be quite what it seems?
Is AlDutto a he, AlDutto a she,
Will AlDutto be kissed by good history?

AlDutto is waiting down by the sea,
For kids like AlDutto, who see beyond me.
AlDutto is training to make them see,
Giving is the secret to gathering unto me.

AlDutto May Be Selfish, Aldutto may be sane,
Still Aldutto found the secret rules,
For the greatest of all of life's games.

For AlDutto, the game of riches, is counted in different ways,
You count wealth in dollars, AlDutto counts them in minutes and days.
All non-AlDutto dollars, end up buying little but pain.
If it weren't the truth, explain such endless shame.
Better to do it the AldDutto way,
With a better attitude today,
Using the secrets of those who know,
Masters and champions who can throw stones.
AlDutto knows you can ask more times, and ask more times of each,
AlDutto secrets are all that they seem, because AlDutto secrets put it all in your reach.

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