>     Treat today as the last day of your life, because one of these days, it will be.    Speak less and do more, with the Success Shortcuts Route. 

The Success Shortcuts Route and Golden Losers

Getting faster results does not require time and age, not by a long shot. This critical point has to find its way inside of your mind and heart. When it sinks in, you'll know for certain you're not beyond excellence yet.

More than a fruit of genetics or most anything else, the Success Shortcuts Route pursues and perceives the most energetically useful of answers. With respect to personal mastery, excellence is a choice, excellence is an extension of the best of your actions, repeated, and repeated, and repeated again, with that one magical, near-mystical secret of keeping focus on ONE PERCENT improvement.

What a magnificent choice we are each given! You can establish minimum acceptable standards, what you will not settle for less than. If you wish, for example, you can go after an improvement of ten percent, of ninety percent, or as little as one percent.

Even if your improvement is only one percent every time or every second or third time you endeavor to achieve something, such as getting batter at something, results stack up higher and higher, stronger and stronger. The Success Shortcuts Route PowerGem of one percent improvement is a choice that you can take to yourself in the next sixty seconds, assuring you of high-speed, powerful results rather certain to be decidedly better than the results you are getting now. Bartender or barbell polisher, every one of us has the authority and ability to make use of this fantastically powerful shortcut of masters and champions.

The secret is never allowing yourself to pursue less than that one simple percent of improvement. Whatever you do, wherever you do it, there is hardly any useful or legitimate excuse of not getting better and better as you repeat. Look how many tasks you have to repeatedly perform. Does it not make sense to keep getting better at it?

Excellence is a choice, because excellence is a consistent and persistent result of YOUR better choices, when you've been made enough fun of or simply get tired of performing with seemingly incessant mediocrity. Maybe it's as simple as a great idea that comes to you. Sometimes we even reach for our best when we want to impress someone. The point is that every shnook on earth has excellence buried in them. So often, so often, does it pop up where it's "least expected."

How about a "mere" bartender? Give thought to a bartender his twenties, and a video store clerk of a similar age. Both perceived by friends and family as you'd expect: typical shmoes. No particular reason for them to meet, or know each other, as they live and work in different cities.

Ironic how people can make a decision, a very specific decision, about where they intend to be at a set point in their own future. It's a wonder why you're not, when you give even a brief look at this high school dropout, renting videos to customers for a local lady who knew what she wanted -- to own a video store -- or to the bartender who had NOT been voted "Most Likely To Succeed" in high school, with his school-wide repute as a real wiseass.

First you've got a guy making five bucks an hour for himself (and quite a bit more for the woman who owned the store), Just because he was a video store clerk doesn't mean he didn't have dreams and wishes; of course he did. the big difference between that clerk and the person reading this -- oops, that's you, isn't it? -- in fact the single most observable difference between our high school dropout and you personally is that he wrote his dream on a piece of paper, and made a list of just some of the smaller steps he'd have to take in order to get to his dream... and you haven't!!

The Success Shortcuts Route is almost a no-brainer for dreamers who understand that dreams with deadines are the defined examples of GOALS. Dreamers and more dreamers, don't you just love them? they are the most singularly interesting of all people.

Whether or not your studies have enlightened to you the following fact, it's valuable to repeat it, either way. Dreamers are, to an inordinately large degree, those whom we most often get our best answers from. George Bernard Shaw declared that reasonable men adapt themselves to the world whereas the unreasonable man is the one who adapts the world to himself, which means, by definition, that all progress depends upon the unreasonable man.

That's worth chewing on for just a minute, because hundreds of thousands of masters and champions were, at one point, below where you're at on the totem pole of life. Bartenders and billionaires both put their socks on one at a time. Those with higher expectations outperform their confreres on a nearly never-ending basis. It's not about brains; it's about expectations. It's not about hopes; it's about expectations. Stop and consider the very real fact of life that so-called dreams, often accused of being disconnected with reality - appropriately so - have historically taken more actions and achieved more levels of greatness than, well, than people much like you...

... supposedly practical, pragmatic folks, who talk about how you COULD have your dream if only......

Uch, why are we exposed to such whining, loss-focused attitudes, especially now and today, with so many phenomenally effective shortcuts available to you within minutes, MINUTES of right now?

What makes it so offensive is that people who DON'T have their dream come true are in that position strictly because they refuse to hush up, put it in writing, and break it into smaller, observably more-manageable pieces. they'd rather make excuses, and explain why they can't have it, instead of identifying and putting into writing ideas on how to go about getting there.

Henry Ford phrased it well when he said,
  "People who say it can't be done
should stop interrupting those who are doing it."

Please forgive me: I can't explain to you why my dreams are achievable or not: I'm just too busy working at making it happen. Quite the same energy that we both have, perfectly identical brain energy, appears to be focused in different directions: you focused on why you can't, in the same second that I stay focused on how I can. I admit that I don't know HOW to make my dream come true, and then I go out and find people who can tell me; those who have done it, those who are doing it now.
Aim for the pragmatic. Let's say, for example, that you have never once sat at a computer. It requires, and I kid you not, it generally takes up no more than a handful of seconds from the time you first sit at a computer, even if it's the first time in your life, LESS than 100 seconds for you to learn how to get thousands of answers to a hundred thousand different questions you might ask.
You want advice? Enormous loans? Freebies? Free courses on public relations or brain surgery, door-to-door instructions to a house on the other end of the country? Guitar lessons? the ability to use a camera many thousands of miles up in the sky? Free scholarships?

Learn to search with a touch more efficacy. Ask better questions to get better answers! All this, and so much more are just seconds away when you invest one minute a few times per week teaching yourself delicious little search secrets, or search shortcuts, and effort which requires barely a minute of instruction or experimenting. If the computer you're sitting at is connected to the Internet, there is a white box in front of you. Just type what you're looking for, in plain language, and it will find it for you. Yes, that simply.
With respect to approximately everything that I do not know how to do, do you really think I'll ask my mother, brother, or my Aunt Tillie/Nellie/Billie or Shmillie?

Of course not! I'm going to go as directly and quickly as possible to the horse's mouth:
  those who have already done it at a world-class level.  

Let's cut right to the chase. there can be no doubt, and no argument: when a dozen masters in a single field answer thirty-one questions, and four of their answers are almost perfectly AND universally identical, only a moron would presume to know more, or to know better, about the field in which they are masters, let alone how to get up the ladder to being a master. F'shtay? Capisce? Comprendez? You catching the flavor here?
Why would anyone go to the wrong end of the horse to seek top-notch info? Here we have the information, the methods, The very words used by the best of the best in every single one of a thousand different human efforts. Gee, did I say a thousand? Yes, I did, probably because there's some question about whether you're even vaguely capable or willing to consider that there are thousands of experts on hundreds of thousands of different subjects.
Does that statement call out to you? Can you hear your too-internalized passions calling out to be heard and tried and tested before the grim reaper rings your doorbell? Of course it's a strong statement, because it carries observable impact. Life-changing, in fact, for those tiny little numbers of you, just seven percent of the population, who are so much smarter than anyone around them (with the possible expectation of one of your parents) ever, ever conceived of you being. Much smarter for no other reason than that you're open-minded enough, therefore smart enough, to treat this message and lesson as a personal wake-up call AND advisory that virtually everything is available to you right now. As a result, the next few hours, and the next several days, will find you making more efforts, AND THEREFORE MORE PROGRESS, than you have ever made in your life before. Best of all, it applies to every human effort, from getting a medical degree or on the local police force, into a rock band or running unusually successful garage sales at your home every month.
Since your actions of the past several months make it difficult to believe that you can grasp the very idea and reality of having thousands of experts on each one of so many thousands of human efforts,settle for understanding that you can find at least one thousand top-notch experts on any subject on earth.
Having made it past this intensely important bridge, let's shut up and tap into this potent resource, and let's do so today. Just 100 seconds to sit at a computer at any public library in America and learn just about instantly how to search for any subject on earth.

The Success Shortcuts Route is about shortcuts, and when we tap into the information hard-won by pioneers, and all who come before us in an effort, we develop the essentials of mastery much faster.

Allow the Success Shortcuts Route in YOU to look for opportunities such as those found in libraries, the internet, and more. Please do not wait for opportunities to come knocking on your door, because those kinds of opportunities may only come a handful of times in an entire lifetime.

The best and most fruitful opportunities are those that we go out and find, and, as George Bernard Shaw would advise, when we cannot find opportunity, those opportunities that we create. This touches the core of the Success Shortcuts Route already inside of you, waiting for your lazininess to dissolve. Search for information on ANY subject you can think of, and learn from the brilliance of those who came before you. Search, and learn, so that we will tend to turn to you.

Which brings to mind the bartender. A wiseacre, a joke-popping guy who thought he was a ladies' man. Much as he enjoyed bartending, interacting with so many new people, and, of course, meeting new girls. He also had this enormous desire for something specific, and, just like the video store clerk who lived and worked far away, he exhibited just one major difference between himself... ... and you.

Ah, now you're patting yourself on the back for thinking that you're smart enough to see the difference between you and the relatively broke bartender, aren't you?

You already jumped ahead to the conclusion that the difference between you is identical to the differences between you and the lowly video store clerk, true or not? You're just convinced that you're above average in intelligence, go ahead, tell the truth.

Well, that just goes to remind us of two life-changing facts:

  1. people are rarely as intelligent as they believe themselves to be. Yes, that almost certainly does inclue you. This is based on measuring not merely what you know, which only counts for a piece of the pie. It's based on measuring what you DO with what you know.

  2. Being dumb and being smart are always a matter of choice.

No kidding. the first is true because we have visual, documented evidence. Look at the difference between where you are, and where you wish you were right now. That's the proof, along with, "Our actions are so loud our words are barely audible."

You are further invited by the Success Shortcuts Route to consider that stupidity and intelligence are a matter of choice. the Success Shortcuts Route invites you to recognize and remember that it doesn't matter how little information you might have about how to achieve something you want. As long as your want is specific, and in writing, repeatedly, we instantly see that you're using more of the information you have, rather than having a great deal of information and using it not at all. Do you understand this seemingly simple point? It all comes down far less to what you KNOW than it does what you DO with what you know.

Look how many of us have huge amounts of information stored within our brain, and yet do little or nothing with it. Now look at
"typical shmoes" who take that tiny nugget they might possess, and milk it for all it's worth. It explains how our high-school-dropout video clerk met the bartender years later. How many nuggets do YOU possess? the most critical, impactful question anyone can ask you in this life is, simply enough, "What are you doing today with your nugget or nuggets?"

The video clerk, named Quentin Tarantino, considered to be at least a bit, ah, eccentric(?) by so many, became an extraordinarily successful man in Hollywood, while the bartender didn't too badly either. He did so well in fact, that Quentin asked the now-former bartender, named Bruce Willis, to star in his off-beat movie entitled, "Pulp Fiction," which went on to become a cult hit and serious financial success, re-igniting the career of a languishing young has-been star named John Travolta, and initially launching the career of Samuel Jackson, who eventually became a ten million dollar-per-movie star.
Several careers launched not merely successfully, rather, all four of these men individually broke a variety of records in their fields, and earned respect for being one of the best, all as a direct result of this movie... ... of the efforts of a former video store clerk.
Please look at your local video store clerk, or the last bartender who served you a drink at a family celebration. Did either one of them strike you as someone who would be at the top of a whole new game, an entirely new career within a matter of months, perhaps a few years?

Few of us indeed would predict that these two so-called "nobodies" in their twenties would ever have reason to meet. Although they both gave the appearance of being less than supremely intelligent, they both became geniuses the moment they began to take the tiny steps written on their lists.

We all know if you're smart or stupid. We know this not based on how much information you can bring out of your mouth, because that's a common trait, rather by observing The Success Shortcuts Route measurable, definable number of times you apply what you know to making something specific happen. Can you tell us aloud where you're heading today?

Exactly where do you want to be tomorrow? the answer will be clearly broadcast to everyone around you, in the next few hours, in fact, based on where you go today, and what you do there.... and most of all,   how     many      times.

Golden Losers: those who are not infrequently ridiculed for doing exactly what you do -- wish for something -- and then have the audacity, the basic courage, to shut up, put it in writing, and persistently ask for what they want... and invariably end up getting there.

Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make them come true, rather than the 93 percent of us, who pay the price for NOT making them come true.

Your category?         We already know.

  We can see by where you are moving today.  

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