Guaranteed Cures For Constipation With The Success Shortcuts Route
Your patience is solicited for the repetitives of "cures for constipation"
The more times we use it, the weaker its shock value

Yes, Virginia, there are natural cures for constipation.
First and foremost you must open up and understand that your diet is one hundred percent of the cause.
Just clean out with water and vegetables, occasional fruits, and everything is fine.

Stop all animal products and fried products and flour products. Flour added to water is how you make wallpaper paste.
Animals no longer eat greens, the only source of nutrition you get from animals comes from those greens, exclusively.
Clean out the garbage and most all disease literally melts and disappears. How's that for a natural cure for constipation?

Natural Cures For Constipation Must Be Cheap, Guaranteed, and Healthy, not just safe.

Despite many natural cures for constipation, including several you can find here at the Success Shortcuts Route, this particular approach to effecting cures for constipation is noted for the fact that it's used all around the world, and has been used as a cure for constipation for many centuries. Stop arguing with success. Absolutely guaranteed cures for constipation refers only to those natural cures that are gentle, safe, usually inexpensive. Nobody's making money here telling you this, at least no one should be. That is why others with financial interest would prefer that you neither know nor consider cheap, safe natural cures for constipation. It is big business. That's why none of this is medical advice. In the opinion of those who value the concepts underlying the Success Shortcuts Route, this is worth a hundred times any medical advice. Whoever your professonal health provider is - and hopefully you have at least three, because no one human opinion can be treasured as much as the opinions of many with successful experience - always ask the opinions of those you respect. This is especially those for whose services you pay. Allopath, naturopath, get more opinions. Use the internet, encyclopedias, local clubs, anyone and anything that can help you become more informed. It applies to natural cures for constipation, and it applies to every known human health challenge: the more we know, the better we decide. For this forum, we'll mostly stick with natural cures for constipation.

Number One in the Cures For Constipation Department: Forget laxatives. they do the exact opposite of what you want, stripping the body of control over your own muscles and channels. Only people with very dated educations would ever suggest a laxative. To date, the Success Shortcuts Route has not once found any circumstance justifying a recomendation of any man-made laxative.

You can say licitly that each event of constipation is the result of putting something into the body that did not come out. Greens and water work approximately one hundred percent of the time. In fact, the Success Shortcuts Route has yielded zero events, zero research that is contra-indicative. Ripe melons are magical. Not good. Magical. The riper the melon, right up until the tipping point into being overripe, and Bob's your uncle. Any and every time this does not work, you have a serious problem, and might be best advised to contact your primary health care provider immediately or actually go to a hospital if things don't begin improving within twelve to twenty-four hours, which is likely to occur perhaps once in many millions of occurences.

A laxative works by doing something very bad to your guts, pro-actively interfering with your body's ability to eliminate. Worse, the more you use a laxative, the more you will need it, because you are absolutely assured of experiencing dramatic damage when you use it repeatedly. Loss of control over your own muscles and tendons falls under the rubric of damage.

Watermelon is the first emergency fix. The water content alone, just as it eases approximately one hundred percent of all upset stomachs that resulted from overeating or any of several other causalities, is wonderful for lubricating your system.

If you're constipated, more than anything else it means you're literally dry inside and, as stated, is a lesson in what not to eat. Constipation is caused by diet and exacerbated by stress. Knowing this in advance gives you instant shortcuts to take action on, to get relief in minutes or hours. If you with to think it a bonus that it's natural, and cheaper, and far safer than any other methods involving damage-inducing substances, save your mental strength. It's not a bonus; it's a natural function. Anytime natural balance of any natural function is interrupted, there is going to be an equal and opposite result

In some cases, constipation also has a habit of proving to be a nasty, deadly lump of food you have not digested. It is a mess. What goes in must come out. Stop trying to outsmart your body. Although it is presumed that whatever you ate did bring pleasure, that food, the specific food that came in and does not want to come out, cannot be a part of your daily diet. If you're determined to keep itSuccess Shortcuts Route lugging you up. Flush out, flush out; you need a doctor to tell you that? This comes to you from the knowledge and understanding of an eight-year old, and neither you nor I have every heard of an eight-year physician, have we?

Celery, watermelon, cucumbers, honeydew, and certainly watermelon, not to mention water and watermelon, too. These are all big helpers toe simple understanding that you need more fiber and more liquids. That's that. Start with melons and greens and water for quick relief. Doing it for one hundred days will also cause you to lose many pounds of excess weight, dropping down to your natural set-point weight (meaning: your body knows what weight you should be at) provided you follow one tiny, simple, live-extending rule for these 100 days.

If you must continue eating food that is unhealthy, meaning anything that man did anything to, as in box or can; anything not grown from the ground, then just match every bite with a bite of greens and a sip of water. That's all. The probabilities of you resolving your constipation and, as fringe benefits, losing weight and gaining energy.

These methods are not subject to licit debate. The only two people inclined to do so have an interest in it such as financial or else simply do not know and wish to create smokescreens to prevent them being recognized as not knowing. Talk is so cheap. Fact is, there are only so many smart ways to approach any challenge or conflict with resolution in mind, including the challenges of constipation and the determination to elininate constipation, and naturally. First, resolution in mind. That means suspending prior notions and beliefs. You can always decide later, provided you understand that a good decision requires the processing of information. One of the greater errors committed by billions of humans repeatedly is the willingness to arrive at decisions by shaping information to previously held beliefs. Intellectually, logically, this is a fatuous approach, because the disastrous or otherwise unsatisfactory results surround any sentient person. On those occasions where you process information first, rather than shape it to your preconceived notions, you inevitably produce your better decisions. Constipation is just one of at least a thousand challenges that respond quickly to open-minded thinking, good thinking. In one fell sweep, you get to ease your physical constipation while simultaneously easing constipation of a different sort.

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Cures for constipation via the Success Shortcuts Route,
promoting natural remedies because they are safer.
Certified by Mr-Shortcut

Cures for constipation, that's what this is about,
these cures for constipation work without a doubt.
Cures for constipation, all natural in their way,
because cures for constipation should ease the challenged day.
Cures for constipation based on foods plucked from the ground,
are better cures for constipation, bringing the colon back around...
to where everything is normal, and you're feeling better now,
all because those cures for constipation, worked, and let me tell you how.

Cures for Constipation The Natural Way

Mother nature knows what she is doing. Natural cures for constipation inevitably work better.
More than eighty percent of all human nutrition is derived or derivable from ground-based items, i.e.: fruits and vegetables.

That's because the energy contained in ground-based foods, especially greens, is the energy that we run on.
Cures for constipation are found by just returning to what you were meant to do in the first place, to wit, nutrifying your body with ground-based items, automatically including cures for constipation.

When you are taking in the correct nutrition, everything runs properly, and you have no need for external relief. If you don't have constipation, then you have no need for the cures for constipation. If and when you abuse yourself with delicious foods on rare occasions where you feel it's a form of reward, stressing the infrequency of falling off the proverbial wagon, irregularity can occur. The point is that such irregularity is dangerous. Constipation is toxic and holds into the body all or most of the toxins that are doing so much short-term and long-term damage. Any time and every time we experience constipation, pull out your favorite cures for constipation, because you need to get that undigested fecal matter out of your body as soon as possible and as safely as possible.
Hence, the recommendation that you get busy with strictly natural cures for constipation

Cures for constipation via the Success Shortcuts Route,
knowing that natural medicines and remedies work better.
Certified by Mr-Shortcut

Cures for constipation, that's what this is about,
these cures for constipation work without a doubt.
Cures for constipation, all natural in their way,
because cures for constipation should ease the challenged day.
Cures for constipation based on foods plucked from the ground,
are better cures for constipation, bringing the colon back around...
to where everything is normal, and you're feeling better now,
all because those cures for constipation, did just as we here tout.

Healthy Natural Cures For Constipation... Reprise
Cures for constipation, can we say it too many times?
To avoid a delicate subject may be the most lethal of crimes,
inflicted on onesself for naught, red-faced here you won't be caught,
all to move towards natural cures for constipation.

Go ahead, say it: "Natural cures for constipation!
I hereby commit myself to using natural cures for constipation!
There, you said it. Now that you've said it, back it up, by USING your natural cures for constipation.