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    A moment alone, if you will, with just you and the Zen of Better Longevity

    Everything you do has a total effect. Even the simple fact of eating a candy bar.
    Without telling you what you should eat or not eat, what you should do or not do,
    keep yourself aware of the small things that you do, for their total is enormous.
    Being more aware of the totals makes it easier to work backwards to today.
    Lighting ten smokes per day may not be a big deal for a day or two, right?
    Do it every day for twenty years and you're talking seventy thousand.
    That does not mean you should not smoke, if it brings you pleasure.
    It simply means that many of the things we do appear invisible,
    although there is no doubt that they impact our lives greatly.
    These impacts are rarely if ever felt on a short-term basis.
    Convert some of your pleasures into occasionalities,
    the once-in-a-while treat you embrace as a reward.
    This way, what you did to earn a reward pays,
    and you get to enjoy that occasional treat,
    without denigrating your life account.
    The Zen of Better Longevity,
    for living stronger… longer.

    This is only works when what you did to earn a reward carries an identifiable future benefit.
    You live the Success Shortcuts Route, you are the only one who decides what the benefit is.
    The Zen of Better Longevity is about self-inception, not self-deception.
    Stop lying to yourself about what constitutes a reward. This is life!
    Everything carries a price, so it pays to invest rather than spend.
    Your health and your minutes cannot replaced by dollars.
    Dollars, however, can be replaced with simple energy.
    Therefore, treat your health better than your money.

    This is your time, this is your place,
    Shh. Use the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the best Success Shortcuts Route,
    and provably YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding.
    Enjoy, the Success Shortcuts Route is free for your life.

    Regrettably, only IE and compatible browsers can see most of the EyeCandy.
    Have no fear. A) There are hundreds of thousands of EyeCandy bits.
    B) PowerGems are what you need to find here.
    When we see the immense resources available to us all,
    it is egregiously offensive to see such profound waste.
    Your life is rich with opportunities, in so many areas.
    The Success Shortcuts Route urges you to awaken.
    The sight of you is no less than repulsive, disgusting.
    Take control of what you have the power to take control of.
    Thousands of excuses for failure, and there is only one reason.
    That reason does not change from circumstance to circumstance.
    Excellence is always the result of the desire to be excellent, true enough?
    If we do not see excellence in your life, it is because of just one basic reality:
    Your lack of excellence is directly related to lack of excellence in your efforts.
    If you are not hungry, on fire, even, to help you to help yourself develop mastery,
    what in heaven makes you think that any other human should care about you, either?

    You have millions of unique pages from the Success Shortcuts Route, and related sites.
    Millions of Zen of Better Longevity self-health web pages to help you help yourself.
    The time, in this day, hour, and moment, is nigh for you to accept responsibility.
    Until now, you have only pretended at willingness to accept responsibility.
    You are the captain of the ship, the producer of the movie, ad infinitum.
    It all means that you are the one in control of destinations on the way.
    It is true that you have but little control in re your final destination.
    Not so the many subsidiary destinations along your life course.
    You decide the destinations, or whether to have destinations.
    In that case, Life, and those who have their goals in writing,
    these will determine most of the course of your lifetime...
    and, of course, definitively control your destination.
    When you stop pretending that you know better,
    your brain opens up to those one-percent-ers,
    improvements of just one percent each.
    The Success Shortcuts Route, now,
    pursuing YOUR destinations.

    Millions of opportunities to find your PowerGems.
    Remember that the Success Shortcuts Route is in you.
    A hammer on the shelf cannot bang any nails into any wall.
    Fruits of the Success Shortcuts Route comes from sustained use.
    Continue asking more people, more times each, to get what you need.