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Auctioning Domains Auctions Websites - The Success Shortcuts Route invites you to say that five times quickly

Aiming yourself at the top of your game in the game of domain auctions, a serious and still light-hearted game for all that,
you might well start at the abecedarian level, at Wikipedia-style site to learn definitions and history of domains auctions.
Useful shortcuts for learning how to conduct domains auctions including running straight to the top of the class, right?

If you do not get your information from the horse's mouth, maybe there is too much time at the wrong end of the horse.
Domains auctions are becoming a larger part of the domains industry simply because so many of the great domains are gone.
How often do you actually check up on a domain or even stumble on a great domain, only to find a garbage parking page there?
From the coign of vantage of people who love words, and cute or innovative or just plain witty use of words in the world of domaining,
it is moderately distressing, or at least vexatious, to see SOOOoooOOO many great domains just sitting and not even saying hello, etc.
Yes, yes, advertising is everything. Not everyone wants to make money that way, bothering visitors with ad after endless ad after ad.
At the least, the Success Shortcuts Route tries to put up at least a small site, descriptive or explicative of the name of the domain.
If it is a domain concomitant with Success Shortcuts Route goals and principles, then a full website is likely to fill that domain.
When you fully develop your website, and earn high or top rankings on search engines, should you not auction it for more?
Is such a domain not worth more, being developed, regardly of the size of the site occupying that particular domain?
Next level down are domains that the Success Shortcuts Route is brokering, deserving at least a descriptive site.
If you are planning to auction the domain, do not drive yourself crazy building a huge site, it seems needless.
Pardon the funny use of "needless," search engines appreciate every unique feature and... word on-site.
Domains auctions, as mentioned, are best learned by going to the top of the class, the big auction domain sites.
The more domains auctions sites you visit, the more you will distinguish between each, learning more and more.
Some domains auctions sites (whew, is that a mouthful?) are big, some domains auction sites merely appear so.
If you can find out how many domains the putative domains auctions site has sold in, say, the past year or two or three,
you get a partial view of whether it is a serious domains auction site, or simply pretending to be a big auctions domains site.
Naturally, if the site is new, they would not have conducted too many domains auctions, likewise if they are especially selective.
Other ways for learning about domain auction sites? Are search engines rankings reliable enough in the domain auctions arena?
The Success Shortcuts Route counts many, many search engines, and when we see across-the-board coverage for domain auctions,
this is a second modest piece of the puzzle in rating domain auctions sites on whether to try to auction your domains with that service.
Which leads to "try." Strong word, promulgating or engendering keen emotions,  trying  to get listed for auction with a domain auction site.
The Success Shortcuts Route submitted dozens and dozens of magnificent domains for auction, many generics, auction sites did not accept them.
So, there are good domain auctions sites, and there might be truly great domain auctions sites. So far, for us, no worthwhile domain auctions sites.
That is why the Success Shortcuts Route decided that brokering domains by conducting private auctions might be a useful tool for many domainizers.

Thus did the Success Shortcuts Route enter the arena of domain auctions, which means YOU are invited into the world of domain auctions.

This domains auctions sites shapetalk has been brought to you from the Success Shortcuts Route Shapetalk Collection,
because every piece of Shapetalk in the Success Shortcuts Route, et alia, has multiple layers of benefit for you.
The Success Shortcuts Route provides at least one. Your job is to find the second, the third, and beyond.
End of this Success Shortcuts Route broadcast on auctioning domains at domain auction sites.

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Thank you for visiting a nice corner of the "auctioning domains auction websites" area of the Success Shortcuts Route.