Genuwine - Secrets of Success For Embracing The Psycho


Sit just a moment, rest yourself, lend me your ear for a thought;

for when it's all counted, we've apportioned the blame,

seraphic souls will and cannot be bought.

All those days we wonder

of the gold yet to come,

If ethics is the price

that's fine,

as long as we get some

I only want my fair share,

someone told me not to care,

so we trudge the golden road,

slogging through the smelly mud,

knowing not I'm not the only one.

Then one day there came a lady, looking for her lark,

but the push that never came to shove

proved bites worse than her bark

The bitterness, oh, the anger,

incarcerated rage,

educe a choice

of yielding

to noise

or, wider range.


Look outside or turn inside

you know you can run

with no place to hide,

better to learn a greater stride.

Along came the one, a magical man,

a genuwine genius of learning,

who taught the first lesson,

the ultimate tool,

a giant of mankind was Bernie.

He pushed and prodded, with a giggling warmth,

all knew him as wonderfully wise,

He asked the right questions,

removing the sting,

delivering wisdom with twinkling eyes.

"What you do speaks so loudly we cannot hear

a single word that you say,

less telling, more doing

determines the paycheck

you receive at the end of the day.

and who knows better than masters and champions,

those who do it the best.

They are your lodestone,

your guide and your teachers,

those proving it doing it better than the rest

Thus the Success Shortcuts Route was born

in vainglorious delicate detail

born in filth and gloom in a day,

in the birth of hunger's sway.

A ray of sunshine magnified,

into a network of hope,

Attitude Adjustment,

in the mountains of the world.

Life is but a box of boxes

where we choose which rooms to use,

the upstairs or the downstairs,

securing options to win or lose.

One thousand times per day beyond

the minutes of your sleep,

you get to enter excellence,

or mediocrity's slimy creep.

Who can know the wonders when not quite letting go,

who's to say that wisdom won't enfold you in its throes.

Don't lay down accepting of

the slaps and thorns of difference.

Stepped-on folk hold the yolk

of guilt quite so complicit.

Some have food while some have none;

half the world has never phoned.

If you have light in the midst of fear,

reach to your neighbor, shedding those tears.

Her child has none; she did not know,

that sex would cost her very home.

For who can afford a child in dirt,

those who are left, bereft of worth.

I'll help you if you help him,

so he'll assist her help me out.

That's a magic power,

tainting all your secrets,

for the greed that you've embraced today

only lend you empty credence.

The loan gets paid back

in its day,

justice has its funny ways.

What goes up always comes down,

until you don your thorny crown.

For each is king and queen in turn

the greatest lesson that can be learned.

To justify your Maker's Deed,

creating the one that we call "thee,"

your statements mean naught in the sight of your life,

for your words mean so much less than your accounting tonight.

Reach inside your deepest dreams, pull out those hidden wants

There's a great surprise in store for you, perseverance does not taunt.

The payoffs come in multiples, in waves of seducing lucre,

internal definitions of the ultimate chuckle

where no one's getting euchred.

Dance into your greatest steps,

let us see the best you've got.

When you share it with your brother

that's when things really do get hot.

The payoffs come in multiples, you see, nothing is as it seems,

Do it more and pass it on, it's better than you've dreamed.

All the moments, all the joy, expand and multiply,

when you see just what you still can do,

reach up for golden sky.

Can you see it in the distance, can you feel the urge to fly,

will you fill a single purpose long before you've gone up high;

will you gather in your I.O.U.'s on levels more important,

than the dollars and the toys collected

isn't Judgment Day stomping forward.

You will be judged on how you treated

the least among your sub-elite.

Tomorrow's only certain

for those still left behind,

when each soul takes departure

in life's endless, shifting line.

There's been billions long before you

and may yet stretch out behind

unto a better place and time

right here with humankind.

I cannot count such sorrow

Nor have you known such joy,

all we know is found in gentle words

that encourage laughing growth.

All the rest is chatter,

so much empty blatherskite

when all is said and done this day,

it's Bernie Kellogg who was right.

How you spend your minutes is how you spend your time

so thank them just the same for granting rights to earn a dime.

Take the ball and run so far, beyond advertiser's costly harm,

run for you and yours, just climb,

and then your dream shall be as mine.

Talk is cheap, actions so much louder

is your brain just a bucket of leftover chowder.

This is the time and this is the place where you separate your shame from your grace.

Don't treat today in quite the same way, as the naysayer's way you did things yesterday

for no result yields until we can see, a better approach benefiting both you and me.


You can do so much more what you still have,

Stand up and be counted, we're sure to clap.

For everyone admires that special hero,

who climbs even in the face of fear,

when you reach for your stars,

seek to make a difference,

you'll find your fans are here.

And I'll thank you just the same, my friend, to climb inside your time.

Every minute has a hidden door for you

where the actions of your better mind

will prove my statement true


That you, and I mean you, my friend have greatness in your heart,

And we will never know until you choose an act to start.

So, let this be the minute, even now this special day,

when you choose to stand just like a man

and say oh yes, I will, I can.

And so we close with the final step,

when you choose the one power with magical pep

it will launch you far past this moment as you stand

as soon as you say the words, "I Am."