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Every day you waste is filled with minutes - opportunities - you cannot get back.
Take the time to stop every single day to enumerate clearly the top five items of the day.
Stop forming opinions. Most of them have proved useless to you. Process information carefully.
Trading just one of every ten petty chatty minutes for a minute of your best thinking gives you profit.
The only opinions you can benefit from are the opinions of those who have repeatedly done it successfully.
The Success Shortcuts Route is the ultimate in self-empowerment, with the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
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How Many Times As A Kid Did You Get What You Badly Wanted?

Isn't that funny? Grateful people have one answer, ungrateful people have another answer. Those who are generally miserable have one answer, and those who tend to be happy have another answer.

Whether your answer was "always" or "never" or "sometimes"

Selling is one of the things youíre quite good at, even when you fail to properly credit yourself. Look at the three things you have most wanted in your life. How many have you gotten? How many have you worked on? These two questions, and the answers that come along, tell us everything.

The good news, the instant news of the Success Shortcuts Route is that the everything representing you is the total of all of your yesterdays plus whatever you have done up until now since you woke up this morning. It's good news because The Success Shortcuts Route is your own living proof that you get to determine your everything, you get to change your everything, you get to add to your everything.

You have such opportunities at least once. If the opportunity were once-in-a-lifetime and you knew it to be that rare, how hard would you work at it today? Certainly much harder than you would have if offered that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at the age of three, right? That's because you know more, and you know better, the Success Shortcuts Route is a constant, never-ending stream and surge of reminders to stay focused on whatever is most important. Venting anger, contrary to what the ill-educated might tell you, does NOT feel as good as getting what you want. You have never won an argument in your life, and you never will. You may have won debates, and that's great, because you convinced and persuaded. You have never won an argument in your life; you can only dominate. If you think you win by dominating, you need to go back to square one and apply for a new set of parents.

Please forgive what may sound like an unreasonable position, one that hasn't changed by more than a few percent in any given year lately. Thousands and thousands of people have said "Yes" to me, personally and professionally. Because I ask with smiles more than anyone else and now, in more ways than anyone else, at least eight of every ten people I ask will give the affirmative answer I pray for and ask for. Sadly, the two in ten who can resist are often in positions where they are permitted petty abuse of power, so you learn to live and roll and move towards what you want. There are no other answers. It is one of the precious few statements you find among all great philosphers and advance thinkers, where there is no disagreement, just as and much as goals are counted among such unique statements.

Dominance is far from being the answer to winning. Masters and champions of every human arena, including sports and business and the politics of religion, all of them who are true champions recognize at some point or another not necessarily during their youth that winning is achieved far less by competing with others than by competing with yourself.

In "How To Win Friends And Influence People," Dale Carnegie cites a course participant who related a story of factory workers who saw a big "7" written in chalk on the factory floor, referring to the production of the previous shift's production, and promptly earned the right to erase the "7" and change it to an "8." This was followed by an "11" and other higher production levels.

This method is certain to work for the madding crowd, and should be. As long as there are people who really believe that the players of their local pro team are local, or could care less about the people that each player collects a piece of money from, there will always be big dumb crowds who are easy to manipulate. Worse, there appears no shortage of people willing or even anxious to exploit such human susceptibility to caring less what the neighbor thinks.

When you invest time trying to close your eyes while standing with one foot raised off the ground, other people cannot help you get better at balance or strength. This is something that only you can do, so it is only to your own performance that you can legitimately address your efforts of improvement. Ten seconds is the first goal. For some people, maintaining balance for even a single second is the first goal. This has nothing to do with anyone else. When you achieve that first second of balance, every additional second that you can stand on one foot with your eyes closed is a competetion against yourself.

Learn to compete against yourself. It is one of the ten great avenues to excellence and world championship. World champions are the only people who are entitled to speak with authority on how to become a world champion. Not how to be a world champion; how to become a world champion. That final step is up to you, and you can only compete with your own time or performance as measured by how you see fit.



On those rare occasions when a good salesman gets a cancellation, there are only so many ways to respond.

When itís happened to me, the first feeling is heartbreak. "Ouch, that hurt." then, annoyance, not so much at the customer as at myself, because it means I didnít do my job, which is convincing them of the same thing as I believe, which is:

"What Iím selling is the best in the world. If there WERE something better, Iíd be selling that."

A sale is defined by the Success Shortcuts Route as the transfer of trust Ö.. plus enthusiasm

So, when I would get a cancellation, my first response is to try and go re-close (also known as "cleaning up my own mess.")Ö because, whatever went wrong, it was probably my own fault because I did not build enough value --- so much value that they saw the price as being cheap. When I do not get the customer to walk away believing i just gave them the greatest deal of the year, I must know that sometimes a cancellation will occur. Itís true: even great closers get a cancel once in a while.

So, donít be greedy. How you manage to have a near-zero cancellation rate is beyond anyoneís guess, but itís true. Barely one or two of every hundred people, possibly three, cancels an order with you. Truth is, this is very unusual, even for doctors. Since you have a 98% or 99% no-cancel rate, does it not make sense to be grateful that the Architect of the Universe only sends you a "once in a rare while" cancellation?

Sorry, but the best response to a cancellation is to grant it cheerfully.

It comes back in more ways than you realize. That means making sure that they walk away feeling good about you even if they have to feel bad about returning the items. Not only do you always have the upper hand when you meet them in public, you also stand a chance of re-closing that person next week or next month. Plus, it adds to your public relations factor. "Who, Dr. Cohen? Oh, yes, I once had to return stuff to him and he was just great about it."

The best response to a cancellation is to grant it cheerfully.

You may fairly invoke luck as the reason for only having perhaps twenty cancellations among the many thousands of closes you can count in the path of MisterShortcut, who was brilliant enough to shut up in the presence of masters like Artie Marzigl or Zig Ziglar... and then repeat their words and physical motions. The terms under which luck is correctly assigned all credit for such a low cancellation rate are easy enough for anyone to understand, because there is only one term, one condition, one proviso to your instant doubling of your success rate in securing a "Yes!" from another human. You must agree to remember that luck is an acronym for Laboring Under Correct Knowledge." In the plainest language possible, it means you get to make your own luck.

It does NOT mean that the element of life best described as being fortuitous, outside of our human control, is absent from your life. It means that you here and now in this sixty seconds boost your I.Q. by separating - at all times or close to it - fortuitous events and luck.

"Fortuitous" means you can possibly win money from lottery tickets. I swear and affirm that on a warm summer eve in 1999, with Eli Biton and his newly-renamed bride, bought a dozen lottery tickets from a vending machine in the bowling alley in Boro Park, New York. His six produced nothing. My six produced four winners from free tickets to a ten-dollar winner. Knowing that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, that was the first and last time I ever bought such tickets to misery. Your chances of winning the big money in a state lottery are not even as high as your chances of being struck by lightning twenty-six times in the same year. Superior intelligence, a higher I.Q. is a direct result and consequence of understanding that fortuitous events, both good and bad, occur in every decade of every human life, including yours. Having and displaying the wisdom in this precise minute, right here and now, to accept that they occur and then move past them into the luck category, you instantly raise your I.Q., the problem-solving muscle of your mind.

"Luck," which does mean Laboring Under Correct Knowledge, capitalized to make it clear and certain to you, is entirely under your control. No other human gets to put a limit on your luck. You, on the other hand, and the relative that loves you the most, are a different story, and inarguably subject to limits. You and that relative, if you have such a relative, more often than not a parent, are the primary and secondary controllers of your luck. This applied yesterday and yesteryear, in your childhood, and in your teens. Either your mother allowed you to make your own decision or she did not. Either your father allowed you to make your own decisions or he did not. Likewise with grandparents, foster parents, institutional caretakers, teachers, aunts, uncles, kids in school who made their own decisions and worked at developing their leadership schools... and everyone who repeatedly influenced you. Those six words, "and everyone who repeatedly influenced you," directly point to the controlling factors of your luck in childhood.

You are openly begged and beseeched to invest just ten or twenty seconds of your life, right now, considering how to explain any difference between then and now. In short, there is none outside of your own input and influence.

When your primary role models insist that you cannot do something particular that you identify, it takes superhuman desire to overcome that negative influence on your luck.

Remembering that luck is laboring under correct knowledge, it is always and only fueled by desire. Understand that you are the possessor of your luck factor, that you control your luck factor. Every corporate executive you may speak with at the upper levels of management are entirely self-directed people, who know where they are, where they want to go, and how they intend to get there. You cannot beat this for control of your luck factor.



As a followup, a precurser?

1994, riding one of my motorcycles to work at Who's Who, a winning lottery ticket, with a price of one dollar, flew out of my shirt pocket. Continuing to the end of the on-ramp, I entered the expressway at full speed, zoomed to the next exit, and did a full cloverleaf, two sides of the LIE getting off, turning around and heading back, then repeating the duo to get back to where the ticket had flown out of my pocket. After ten seconds of searching the grass and concrete area of the on-ramp, I found and picked up another, older lottery ticket that I did not recognize. Out of habit, I looked at the areas scratched off and noticed that someone else had lost a winning lottery ticket, with a prize of one dollar. The ticket was weather-beaten, yet clearly a one-dollar winner.

I swear and affirm that this happened. So, when Jerry Seinfeld did a bit on his show regarding "even Steven," I laughed out loud in self-recognition and delight that others experience it also.

One of the great ways to transfer such power to you, here and now with very real energy, is to teach you to try this one little trick if you drive a motor vehicle. For ten days only, twenty-two days if you believe in heroes (most heroes are people who have done something many thousands of times), project ahead with a beam from your mind to your common traffic lights, projecting green lights in strings. Or, even easier and faster to prove is the parking trick.

This is a power trick that will have you laughing with delight and proving that human beings have wonderful powers. Much better, and more important to the Success Shortcuts Route is that you personally have such wonderful powers, and we can prove it over the same ten to twenty-two days.

When you get into your vehicle, and for some of us it's important to remind you of the first six words of this sentence: when you get into your vehicle, project an empty parking spot to be awaiting your arrival. For skeptical people, project two or even three empty parking spots at the place you're going. The only rule is that you relax and project it happily. True masters of the Success Shortcuts Route admit that there are times when it's done angrily or in frustration, and confession must be made that efficacity, or the rate of success, does not rise to the level of that which is happily projected. You can like the approach or dislike the approach and each of those precious, irreplaceable seconds are being spent on something besides resolving the problem.

Selling other people on the idea of anything being good for them is the crux of most human transactions and private interactions, the personal interactions of one to another, both directly face to face, and by distance of telephone or email or postal mail or smoke signals.