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Chocolate Truth Has Universal Applications - LOOK for them in you
Golden Losers and Golden Winners - Actions Say More Than Words!

Chocolate truth is here for us,
chocolate truth so very delicious.
Use the chocolate truths of life,
to reduce the levels of your strife.
Chocolate truth, like PowerGems,
is the root from which grow all good stems.
Reach for chocolate truth in life,
eliminate all but the least of strife.

The Success Shortcuts Route welcomes you to the chocolate truth.

(Hee, hee - that's just to grab good rankings fairly and by the rules,
looking to be the reigning leader of chocolate truth).

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The point is that some things in life work better when we leap quickly; others require either patience or a strong hand.

The Success Shortcuts Route is here to school you on the subject of excellence.
Having broken or shattered more than a hundred world records,
unwilling to be named or paid despite thousands of hours,
do you figure Mr-Shortcut is in position to teach?
If you knew better you would do better, true?
This about the habits of those who do.
Their actions, words, and attitudes;
doing better = knowing better.
The Success Shortcuts Route,
because you're worth it.

Do not go to sleep without taking one step forward, if it's only adding to the list of people to ask for help.
More than any other secret of success, the more people you ask the more times each, the more you end up with.
That secret of success comes from the mouths of a good number of billionaires, who speak with some authority.
You know better than individuals who rose from poverty to garner thousands of millions unto themselves?
That's why the Success Shortcuts Route is resoundingly repetitious on the catch beneath PowerGems.
Every great piece of wisdom has a catch to it; you know this and have experienced its truth.
The catch here is finding ways to induce your own suspension of your opinions and ideas.
There's time enough for your added personalization, innovation, and customization.
It helps to first mimic the words, attitudes, and actions of those who do it better.
Billionaires have repeatedly stated both publicly and in private, clearly,
that their billions were due more than anything else to their asking,
more times of more people than anyone else around them.
You want secrets of success? They don't get better.
In all the world there is no more powerful secret.

Ask more people more times each, and gain more.
About one hundred percent of those who do this,
one hundred or more times each, that is,
tend to succeed 100 percent of the time.
Yes, one hundred percent of the time.
You will, too, as soon as today.
Remember, if you knew better,
you would do better, true?

Shhhh. Less talk, more action.
Ask more people, repeatedly.
Ask each one more times.