Have you been to the mazes in your mind lately?
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Look inside your mirror, now,
Tell us, do you like just what you see there?
Do you like awake at nights; do you sleep so fitfully
wow that, you've blown it all...
I waited this long just to prove I was true
But it seems that there's no getting through to you;
Well, I've got to go, make it on my own again,
and go higher and higher this time;
Each time that you burn someone,
you light up another mirror image in your head;
are you blinded, are you dazed and confused,
by the maze of mirrors you've illuminated in your mind?
So now, can you tell, that I just won't be waiting on you tonight
I'll be gone long before the dawn's early light
I have to go, on my own again, looking higher and higher this time
Now that you see so much clearer without those
rose-colored glasses sitting on your pretty nose,
are you blinded, or dazed and confused by love's thorny rose
and can you tell that I just can't be waiting at home tonight;
gone like that flash of the morning light
Better to find a mountain to climb
higher and higher this time.

Today is the most powerful day of your life.
That makes it the best possible day to accelerate,
the best possible day to make a bigger and better difference.
The smartest way to begin such changes is, naturally, with a plan.
If you don't know exactly where you're going, you'll end up somewhere else.

You're urged to stop living your life by accident, based on other people's actions.
As it stands now, you are living only to make someone else's dream come true, provably.
When you punch that clock, you're serving someone else's dreams, goals, and interests.
When another human makes more money from your daily efforts than you yourself earn,
it's time to take a serious look at where we will see you several years from now.
You can only serve goals. That is a singular function of the human brain,
that it never, ever, ever works by accident or without goals.
That means you serve your own goals, or someone else's.
It's fine to serve someone else's goals in life,

Beyond a temporary situation or two,
it is NOT healthy to continue this.
You MUST make the decision to serve YOUR goals.
pursuing the best of your untapped inner potential,
developing better, faster results by taking better steps.
You might begin by first defining what your goals and dreams are.
That in itself puts you in a position to achieve bigger and better things.
In return for helping you to help yourself become the giant you were born to be,
your contract is accepted for you to remember there are ALWAYS people lower on the ladder,
and further, that no one gets to the top of their own ladder without the help of other people.
Look down on someone only when you reach down to help them up.     The payoff is huge.
So, Go ahead, feed a hungrier person today,
and you'll have moved up a notch at the Success Shortcuts Route.

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