Effects of direct sun light, ionising radiation, electromagnetic fields, temperature over +40oC would sharply reduce the Normalizer's therapeutic effect, would shorten its life. Therefore it is necessary to store the device in a cool dark place, far from the sources of ionising radiation, generators of the super high-frequency field and from electric heating appliances.
Storing at the temperature +5oC+10oC will prolong the operative life of the Normalizer up to 5 and more years.
Prior to an X-ray examination, sessions of the radiation therapy, physiotherapeutic procedures using the ultrahigh-frequency devices as well as prior to use of ultraviolet irradiation, the Normalizer should be taken off.


The Normalizer differs from most of medical drugs and medical devices in that there are no absolute contraindications for it or obvious side effects.
Relative contraindications involve:
  • Pregnancy.

  • Young age (less than 5).

  • Presence of an electrocardiostimulator.

  • Acute period of a myocardial infarction.
Side effects:
  • In a number of patients, within first hours or days of treatment with Normalizer, sensations of warmth, needles, burning, in rare occasions - enhancement of the pain syndrome, skin hyperaemia may occur. These phenomena are quite transitory (temporary) and are due to destruction of the disease model, an active process of fighting against the therapeutic effect of the Normalizer. In these cases, it is necessary to take the Normalizer off, make a 2-3-day break and start to further applying it for 1 hour, gradually increasing the exposure time up to 8 hours per 24 hours.

For treatment of many diseases, the Normalizer may be used in combination with most medical drugs enhancing their therapeutic effect (analgesic agents, tranquillisers, antihistamine drugs, etc.). However, there is a number of medical preparations with which it is not recommended to use the Mediv. These are:

  1. Antibiotics (the efficacy of antibiotic therapy is decreased due to the antitoxicant effect of the Normalizer).

  2. Clophelinum, a- b-adrenoblockers, exerting a blocking effect upon the adrenoreceptors, become involved in a partial antagonism to the Normalizer effect, the latter, in turn, activating the adrenergic systems of the organism. Due to this, the efficacy of the Normalizer is somewhat reduced and, within the first hours or days of the treatment, oscillations of the blood pressure or palpitation fits may occur. Subsequently these phenomena disappear, but at the beginning it is recommended to use the Normalizer under blood pressure monitoring. When treating diseases unrelated to the cardiovascular system, the Normalizer's therapeutic properties are fully preserved even against the background of Clophelinum, a- b-adrenoblockers.

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