Mission Statement For The Success Shortcuts Route
Yes, you can find more than one mission statement for the Success Shortcuts Route, as we have more than one mission.

The Success Shortcuts Route and Zen of Better Longevity are, simply,
the most effective methods and the best shortcuts of world-class achievers.
Without a doubt, knowledge can and shall change the world, already is,
and it begins with you as long as you understand that knowledge alone
is not power; knowledge is only potential power until you deploy it.
Make the most of these best shortcuts at The Success Shortcuts Route,
the best natural healing methods offered at The Success Shortcuts Route.
Learn more, live more, in hope that you'll give more. It's quite a formula;
one that has a strong tendency to induce inexplicable feelings of happiness,
of fulfillment, of what might be called "Paul Newman Syndrome" of attainment,
wherein everything you touch, everyone you touch, turns to living gold, living love.

You may have already noticed that you can choose any one of 1,200 words to use with "shortcuts"
in order to find yourself here thanks to the highest rankings and the most rankings on the world's search engines.
The Success Shortcuts Route and all of the Masters and Champions Shortcuts websites were created using shortcuts,
specifically, the best shortcuts that human minds have produced by performing at world-class levels again and again.
Now, it's your turn. Many rich people, known as the Cheney class, could care less about your interests,
feeding only at the expense of others. People of this class do not wish you to have these shortcuts.
Note that PowerGems are free for your life, Success Shortcuts Route, available to all humans who use them repeatedly.
You might call this an instruction in "What Many Rich People Do Not Want You To Know."
Much more importantly, there are many thousands of true winners and leaders,
from Paul Newman and Richard Branson, to so many others unnamed, unfamed,
who DO enjoy sharing their methods and their best shortcuts to success.
With each written or taped interview we can drink their sharing magic.
Now, it comes down to you. It's your turn to enjoy your share,
you and those you love. It begins with your best attitudes,
and continues through your own personal process of gain:
learning more in order to live more... to give more.
You will find no more powerful recipe of success.
Enjoy the EyeCandy, find the hidden treats,
and then go use your best shortcuts,
today and today and today.
With much love for you,
and belief in you,
I remain,

Keep in mind that a mission statement is just a mission statement.
It has no power whatsoever until you, and people like you, work to fulfill the mission.
With all one thousand MisterShortcut websites, the mission does come down to service.

Fill your brain and body with better energy, and better shortcuts, at the .
Designed with unmitigated belief in your potential by the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You

These are the powerful shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the powerful Success Shortcuts Route,
and provably YOUR most powerful shortcuts to succeeding at any and every human endeavor: PowerGems.

This is one mission statement of quite a few that pertain to The Success Shortcuts Route and Zen of Better Longevity

Enjoy. It's all here for your life.

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Mission statement for The Success Shortcuts Route