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the most empowering website on the internet, the Success Shortcuts Route.
With your mind in mind,

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The techniques and methods, the secrets and shortcuts to success here at The Success Shortcuts Route,
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more to YOUR credit than to MisterShortcut's, frankly.

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Employ the simple laws of physics for your own direct advantage.   Get wealthy by giving.
You cannot suspend the laws of physics, so it's wise to profit repeatedly from them.
You will find that this fruit of the Success Shortcuts Route tastes delicious.
Natural health shortcuts of long-lived people.   Your best health tips... NATURAL health tips,
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That is what these healthy wealthy websites are all about, and, beyond all seeming possibility,
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created for your success by Mister-Shortcut, for or="FF0000">

WingRaves to ShapeTalk, Cutelinks to SHORcuts, ShapeLinks to PowerGems, PowerLinks to HealthGems,
the Success Shortcuts Route is easily counted the largest one-man body of work in the prolific history of humanity.
Based on what MisterShortcut considered to be his best 7,777 chapters, or PowerChats, exponentiation kicked in.
By creating up to a thousand or more unique versions of each, some cajoling and blue-ish, others bossy and red,
the Success Shortcuts Route became more than a thousand so-called "schools of thought," universities of life.

Shortcuts that work universally, in pretty much every area of human endeavor, are fairly called "PowerGems"
For example, washing things underwater is one of the best shortcuts of all time.
It saves you tens of thousands of minutes.

Whatever you do many times over in life takes up many thousands of your most precious possessions.

NOTHING is more valuable than time itself, as we see at the end of life.
Money can be replaced by asking enough people enough times for it.

What you have come to call a Minute is positively, indisputably irreplaceable by any means we know.
You invest more in chasing an amount stolen from you than you do in replacing it, ultimate theft from yourself.
Use more of your indisputably powerful shortcuts and you will attain indisputably better, identifiable results.
One of the sweetest discoveries you will make in YOUR life is that others get excited when you get excited.
Ninety-nine percent of what you say is less influential in getting what you want than in how you say it.
What multiplies this indisputably potent power, secret, and shortcut is the number of times you ask.
Thus, the Success Shortcuts Route invites you to examine one statement to get multiple meanings.
With multiple meanings, especially when you add them, use them together, you get synergy.
When you ask more people more times each, you inevitably end up with so much more.

What sweetens the Success Shortcuts Route?    Powergems are instantly provable.
There is no need to take any one source of information as sufficient to fit your needs.
Proof is proof is proof. Use of a Success Shortcuts Route PowerGem proves itself.
Works rapidly, potently, and approximately one hundred percent of the time.
Each day, ask one thousand people for help, and see that many will help.
Your life is a numbers game, based on how many times you ask for help.
You can ask other people, you can ask yourself to help one more time.
The more you ask, the more you attain, and it works most every time.
So, less talking and more doing, please.
Your minutes are a preview of your whole life.
Above it all, you are indisputably rising, or not.
Today is the most powerful day of your entire life.
That's because today is the day you can take actions.
Yesterday is gone, tomorrow's not yet, today you get to live.
The actions you choose today are added to your yesterdays.
That's why we can see your tomorrow before it even arrives.

How you spend minutes today is how you are spending your life.

How you spend minutes today is how you are spending your life.

Speak less and do more.

Your actions are so loud that you need not say a word.
We can see when you fritter your minutes.
Life sees when you invest your minutes.
Every day has 16 discretionary hours.
Your mediocrity, or excellence?
Which will we see more of?
Learn who are the decision-makers.
Instead of complaining to NON-decision-makers,
develop multiple ways of asking real decision-makers.
This saves you eighty percent of the time to achieve something.
Eighty percent of your time saved! Prove that you understand this.
Please do not prove it by saying you understand it: Speak with actions.
Let today be one of those rare days that you engage the best within you.

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Whichever wealthfacts and PowerGems you choose to engage and embrace, Make the most of those you choose.
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WHO IS DOING IT BETTER THAN YOU? THOSE are the people most useful to your learning.
The Success Shortcuts Route and Route Of Health Success is already alive in you. Make it thrive.

Identifying what you love most is a powerful shortcut, because it's the best place for YOU.
We're taught: "When you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life."
Choose to live a life of excitement and pursuit of the best within YOU. -   1Shortcut - Always Works - Thus A Success Shortcuts Route PowerGem - -   MisterShortcut - The Most Powerful Info Of Your Life -   Mister-Shortcut Shares Innate Self-Empowerment Shortcuts -   Mister-Shortcut And Success Shortcuts Route PowerGems -   Mister-Shortcut - Huge Self-Empowerment Resource -   Mister-Shortcut - Success Shortcuts Route Self-Empowerment Website -   Mr-Shortcut Info On Success Secrets and Self-Empowerment -   Mr-Shortcut - Success Shortcuts Route Way Of Organizing -   Mr-Shortcut biz remains the biz of free shortcuts
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WealthFact For EVERYONE. There is at least one Success Shortcuts Route wealthfact perfect for YOUR use. Use it.

When the rest of the world does not believe in you, the Success Shortcuts Route does.
When no one offers the encouraging words and hugs, turn to the Success Shortcuts Route.
Every day, you get 1,000 or more discretionary minutes, beyond sleep, eating, cleaning, etc.,
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The Success Shortcuts Route is about engaging just a bit more of YOUR inner best.
ONE PERCENT improvement each time you do it? There's an answer for you.

The Success Shortcuts Route can easily be your penultimate self-empowerment,
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Surely a life worth living is a life worth living well. Shortcuts help.
Learn and repeatedly use more shortcuts, from the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
These are the great shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the great shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
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As long as the Success Shortcuts Route and Zen of Better Longevity exist in service, affiliate marketing is our suggestion.

The Success Shortcuts Route of Masters and Millionaires, because you're too good to waste.