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As long as the Success Shortcuts Route and Zen of Better Longevity exist in service, affiliate marketing is our suggestion.

The Success Shortcuts Route of Masters and Millionaires, because you're too good to waste.

A reminder from the Success Shortcuts Route that excellence cannot happen by accident.
If you are waiting, looking for your big opportunity to come along, look around you.
Your opportunities present themselves to you in your 1,000 discretionary minutes.
If you understand that the Success Shortcuts Route is rich with shortcuts,
then you can grasp the Success Shortcuts Route is alive inside of you.
On rare occasions, usually when you have a vital deadline to make,
you reach for the best in yourself, pulling out all the stops, yes?
Try to imagine, if only for the next thirty seconds of your life,
what happens if those "best efforts" came out every day.

Everyone is quick to offer opinions despite the rarity of their experience in the matter they are opining upon.
Engage the Success Shortcuts Route within yourself. Use Zen of Better Longevity health tips to live stronger longer.
Treat more of your days as if each were your last, because one of these days it most assuredly will be, true enough?

Longevity Secrets From The Zen of Better Longevity

Be honest: Have you considered and learned that excellence, like Longevity, is far more a choice than a chance?
Whether you are chasing financial wealth or the wealth of fabulous health, excellence is a choice, excellence is a choice.
You are going to make thousands of decisions per hour all throughout this day; many thousands of decisions per hour!
By simply investing five, ten, maybe sixty seconds considering decisions that you normally make without cogitation,
you find that more and more of your decisions have the ring of excellence about them, even if you are pretending.
You have that right: pretending that you have great ways to be excellent generally pans out very nicely for you.
If you are in a serious rush for excellence, find those who are doing it much better, and learn to imitate them.
Those who repeatedly show it the best repeatedly prove that they know it the best. These are our best sources of information.
First copy their recipes: their words, actions, attitudes (both physical and otherwise). That recipe will unlock your own creativity.
It may be the most vital way of avoiding the time-consuming efforts of trial and error, absolutely reducing your time requirements.
The Zen of Better Longevity urges you to remember that, unlike money, time cannot be replaced. Invest your time in master recipes.
You can always add your personal flavor, your innovations and personal experience and knowledge, AFTER you get their recipe right.
You have already developed specific skills imitating those doing it better than you. Now, do it again, with bigger self-empowering goals.
If you are not getting your information from the mouth of the horse, does that not mean you're getting it from the wrong end of the horse?
The Success Shortcuts Route and Zen of Better Longevity surround you with the best shortcuts and approaches of those doing it best of all.
Invest a few precious minutes each day of your life expanding your brain, your lungs, your capacity to induce your excellence on purpose.
The reason that excellence cannot be repeated accidentally is that excellence itself cannot be achieved without intention and repetition.
Whatever you did yesterday, whatever you "plan" to do in a tomorrow that may not come for you, make your today one percent better.
Repeating this process one thousand days in a row will take you unto and into world-class mastery at whatever you may choose.
This is a primary process used by MisterShortcut to break and shatter hundreds of world records per year after year after year.
When you ardently embrace a sense of the Zen of Better Longevity, find the Zen of Better Longevity embracing you, too.
Above all, a claim to mastery needs action upon knowing that excellence, like Longevity, is more choice than chance.
Water, air, salt, oil, fiber, and friendly bacteria. Did you know that these are the five most critical of all your foods?
Your kidneys pump more than a pint of blood every minute of your life, and need both cooling and flushing out.
You want to flush the nutrients into the blood to nutrify you, which means passing energy from food to you.
You also want to flush the filthy toxins clogging up the kidneys, the only organ that cannot be repaired.
So, only drink water in those hours that you wish to flush and cool off your poor overworked kidneys.
"Salt" does NOT refer you to the horror of what is most common. Air-dried sea salt is the third.
Third most critical nutrient you will ever have, responsible for many scores of critical functions.
Oil means oil that has never been heated, which is why we have the phrase "first-pressed."
These three alone are primary factors for a majority of how long and how well you live.
shh. If you knew better, you would do better. Longevity is one life-treat best imitated.

Every day is an opportunity to use the Zen of Better Longevity to live stronger for longer.
Any day that you eat cooked food, you give up about 1,800 methyl donor groups. Uh oh.
That's 1,800 methyl donor (anti-aging, anti-damage) groups per cell, and, yes, per day.
1,200 methyl donor groups are lost any day that you eat raw or fermented raw food.
How to reverse that? Ah, that's where the Zen of Better Longevity helps out.
HCL - betaine hydrochloride - just remember HCL, from natural beets only!
Plenty of places to get natural HCL, and perhaps potassium activator.
If you are silly enough to eat dairy, always use dairy digestive enzymes.
If you do this, far, far more hundreds of methyl donor groups make it to your cells.
When this happens, the effect is, scientifically, the reverse of damage that speeds aging.
Live out your Zen of Better Longevity in the best of health, pleasurably, stronger, and naturally,