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These hundreds of thousands of healthy and wealthy web pages,
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filled with YOUR healthiest shortcuts to Longevity,
were designed and produced for you in belief that you were born to rise to your highest potential,
in nurturance of you passing on some of what you're about to obtain.
Your life is thoroughly and indisputably about to change, rather dramatically.
You do not see shopping carts in all of these thousands of pages, for good reason.
You're entitled to the most useful information in the world, the best shortcuts of all.
the healthiest tips to Longevity used by those who know best by living better longer.
The multi-billion-dollar value of the Success Shortcuts Route is free for your life,
perhaps most of all because it's already inside of you, and always has been.
All of the EyeCandy and Shapelinks, designed to increase your pleasure,
are innovations and creations of your chief fan, cheerleader, and coach

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You are as keenly aware as anyone else that you are not now performing at your best.
The time has come to accelerate your efforts in order to accelerate your results;
imrproving your efforts in order to improve your results, with masterful shortcuts.
This is the place, this is the time, with The Success Shortcuts Route

David Cohen, one of the world's most effective naturopathic doctors,
Provides The Zen of Better Longevity

We welcome you to the world's largest naturopathic website, aiming to make it the healthiest website.   That's your call.
Filled with the best health tips of people who live stronger for longer,
The Zen of Better Longevity is designed for your life,
with the understanding that you will make use of its wisdom,
that you'll enjoy the fruits of its successful experience,
and then have the decency to pass it to those who need it.
There is always someone worse off than us, individually and otherwise.
Without exception, each time you considerately think of them, or act for them,
the universe and all of its laws gives you the positively sumptious guarantee of return.
You already know that anything we do has equal and opposite reaction.
What might distract you into thinking that this fact is immune?
The rules of life that hold true most of all, all PowerGems,
apply to all we survey. Faith and science combined.

Crafted by your Godfather of EyeCandy,

The Success Shortcuts Route is fantastically vast
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Dr. David Cohen, with a deserved reputation as one of our generation's best naturopaths,
is pleased to host many, many hundreds of these healthiest websites, including the Zen of Better Longevity,
filled with your best health tips for living stronger for longer... naturally.

It is indeed a wise person who understands and appreciates
that no vitamin or human or even surgery can cure or heal us:
they can only help us to help ourselves; help us to heal ourselves.
The sooner you take control of the decisions affecting your health,
both how long you live and how well you live, the sooner you win.
You win the game of life by living well. Keep things simple.
With hundreds of thousands of dead patients every year,
the only person willing to claim that medicine works,
is the individual who has an interest in saying so.
That's tough for you to accept. We understand.
Your IQ is what, 80, 90, 100 or thereabouts?
The Success Shortcuts Route is different.
Based on the findings of smart folks,
people with IQ's above 150 - 180.
Stop feeling insulted by this;
call it a quirk of birth.
Fact is, those who do better
are the people who know better.
By tapping into what THEY know better,
you multiply the chances of YOU living better,
living stronger for longer with more robust health.
You think you know more than Paul Newman, saintly human?
Forget the thousands of charities this amazing man has given to.
Just consider his announcement just after his eightieth happy birthday:
"As of next year, I will no longer compete in professional car racing anymore."
Whew! Do you even understand the physical requirements of professional car racing?
Never mind the mental demands; the physical demands alone are beyond what you do daily.
So, when one like Paul Newman speaks about being so active after several consecutive decades,
does it not make sense for the rest of us to hush up and listen to the wisdom coming from a wise man?

We'll let YOU decide who's the top doctor in America, naturopathic or otherwise.

Zen of Better Longevity On Natural Gravity Relief

Zen of Better Longevity On Natural Gravity Relief

Between ninety-five and one hundred percent of all males will, at some point or another,
experience enlargement of the prostate gland. It is hard to escape gravity, frankly.
Saw palmetto works almost instantly for roughly seventy percent of all men.
Your best health tip is to make sure it is CONCENTRATED saw palmetto.
Betasitesterol works for approximately eighty percent of all males.
Using these two relatively inexpensive, perfectly safe remedies,
you'll heal yourself naturally at a tiny percent of the Rx cost.
Why are many using approaches with horrible side effects?

Used together, saw palmetto and betasitosterol,
both of which are natural and inexpensive,
provides relief for about 100% of all men.
Think twice before you go to an M.D.
The good ones have little money,
the bad ones collect plenty.
They're better at money
than at good healing.
So, heal yourself.
Do it naturally.

Top doctors are those who use Zen of Better Longevity and medicines
before turning to toxic pharmaceutical approaches.
When we learn how to be our own top doctors, we will ALL live stronger for longer

The Zen of Better Longevity, among the internet's healthiest websites, and excellent source of natural health tips.
the Success Shortcuts Route, the most empowering website you may ever visit.
Thousands of the greatest shortcuts of all time on a thousand websites created by Mr-Shortcut

The Success Shortcuts Route is created for each of us to learn more in order to live more and give more.
MisterShortcut urges you to learn more about naturopathic medicine,
the healthiest shortcuts and health tips of Longevity that consistently work.
for you to live healthier and wealthier, live happier and more fulfilled with these healthier tips.

The Success Shortcuts Route, a sizable part of the world's largest and most empowering Success Shortcuts Route,
is NOT a set of rules.   It is a way of life, an attitude of approach to health -- natural health.

As much effort as The Success Shortcuts Route has required, containing many hundreds of thousands of unique pages by Mr-Shortcut,
pursuing the best information on health and Longevity is something you have to desire in order to excel at the effort.
That means NOT relying on any one source of information. ALWAYS seek a second, even a third opinion.
Long-lived people do in fact have commonalities, including moderation, even with "vices" like smoking and drinking.
Living well and living longer does not mean sacrificing those things that bring you comfort and pleasure; not by a long shot.
Living well and long DOES mean approaching your comforts and desires with a more balanced approach than you've used so far.
Good health is augmented by good information. Remember that no doctor or supplement or mineral can cure you.
ONLY YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF!. This is an absolute fact of the human body and system,
not a dig or insult against medical practitioners. They can only help you to help yourself.
The more we learn, the stronger, the longer we tend to live.You deserve to live longer.

Embracing the Zen of Better Longevity means working WITH your doctor so you can fire your doctor.
All of the web pages within The Success Shortcuts Route websites, filled with great health tips,
and all of these "healthiest websites" pertaining to health and Longevity,
have each been designed and created by the Godfather of Shortcuts,
also known as the Godfather of EyeCandy for his artistic flair.
Bringing you the best and greatest shortcuts of role models,
the same shortcuts used by leaders, masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires. and long-lived people.
Learn more in order to live more.   You'll certainly benefit from the shortcuts,
the so-called secrets, and the EyeCandy here at The Zen of Better Longevity,
and a most-empowering website on your internet, the Success Shortcuts Route.
With your mind in mind,
Chocolate EyeCandy
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