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Protocol for Parasympathetic clients

While the autonomic nervous systems of the vast majority of clients are either balanced or sympathetic dominant (fight or flight) a small percentage will have an imbalance that pushes them towards parasympathetic dominance (rest and digest).     Since magnesium di-potassium EDTA suppositories are able to generate a parasympathetic shift, clients who have parasympathetic dominance to begin with may show signs of parasympathetic excess.  In this case, salt, phosphorous and the amino acids tyrosine, phenylalanine, glycine and glutamine may be indicated to help normalize their autonomic balance.  Having these clients take the Magnesium di-potassium EDTA suppositories in the morning when the parasympathetic response is naturally at its lowest point is also suggested. Here is a list of symptoms the parasympathetic dominant client may present:

Slow pulse:            Pulse of 50-70 with a systolic of 92-110 and a diastolic of 90-50 indicates parasympathetic dominance.

Slow respiratory rate:            A respiratory rate below 14 breaths per minute in a supine position indicates parasympathetic dominance.  Never tell the client you are measuring their breath rate or it will change, instead let them think you are measuring their pulse.

Pilomotor activity absent:            With your fingertip, light as a feather, stroke the skin of the abdomen near the tip of the 11th rib.  Any goose flesh is a positive sign for parasympathetic dominance.

Sargents line: With a blunt, rounded instrument, stroke very lightly (no more pressure than it takes to maintain contact of the instrument with the skin) from the xyphoid process towards the umbilicus.  Absence of a white line indicates parasympathetic dominance.

Dermographic red line: Firmly stroke with a blunt rounded object two xs on the clients abdomen, one right and one left of the umbilicus.  A red line indicates parasympathetic dominance.

Gag reflex increased: Client indicates that swallowing pills elicits a gag reflex.

Cough reflex easily stimulated:             Into the episternal notch, apply light pressure with your thumb.  Slowly increase the pressure until all the slack is out of the soft tissue and you feel firm resistance against your thumb.  Any desire to cough indicates parasympathetic dominance.  Needing to clear the throat is normal.

Histamine activity

Pupils small

Tear and saliva quantity increased


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