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With extraordinary thanks for Mihov Index Maker version 1.50.
Although MisterShortcut tested and used many hundreds of programs,
Miha Pensica is a treasure of a human being,
equal on his level to the philanthropy and huge-heartedness of Paul Newman.
MisterShortcut made it clear that the Success Shortcuts Route,
and all of its magnificence, could never have fulfilled search engine requirements,
and the strict adherence to both the spirit and letter of the search engine protocols,
without the gift of this incredible computer wizard. Long live, Mihov, indeed.

Because there have been literally thousands of individuals to thank for the Success Shortcuts Route,
how many of them can be fairly credited? Therefore, MisterShortcut hopes that these mentions of Mihov,
and the globally-pervasive result of Mihov Index Maker, stands out for what it is:
one of the three most helpful, powerful, easy, and useful programs of all time.
What staggers the mind is that it is the only program of its type in the world,
because none of the others can do one of the special secret things used here,
and yet Miha Psenica, the genius inventor of this first-generation program,
gave it to us, the world, for free! Inarguably, he gave up millions.
Without knowing Miha Psenica's financial station in life,
it is yet incumbent upon all of us who can read this,
who are benefiting from Miha's work,
to note his world-class generosity.
Thank you, sir.  YOU are a champion.

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