Secrets of Health And Wealth - All Wrapped In EyeCandy Within The Success Shortcuts Route

The secrets of health and wealth are all around us.
The secrets of health and wealth are inside of most all of us.
The secrets of health and wealth are already known to you.
Offered twenty thousand dollars for each line of your list,
how many secrets of health & wealth would you write?
Are you looking to get rich at a much faster rate?
Are you able to close your mouth and open up?
Your mind, your eyes, your ears, your nose
should all be open twice as much, right?
Twice as much as that one tiny mouth.
Okay, it's not so tiny, still, just one.
Take a pen and paper, right now.
Write the secrets of health,
then the secrets of wealth.

See? You knew all along.
Had you not written it, you would not have known.
Idiots know what to do and smart people do what they know.
It doesn't matter if you understand why; this has proven true for all.
When you personally write out the secrets of health and the secrets of wealth,
you instantaneously double your actual knowledge and understanding of these secrets.
Do you show an I.Q. north of 140 or 150 or 189? How can you expect to produce better answers?
Rather than resenting the difference, profit instantly, repeatedly, and forever heeding those who do.
When you write out, on a piece of paper, by hand, the secrets of health and the secrets of wealth,
you instantly double what you think you knew about the secrets of great health and wealth.
Please stop telling us what you know or what you think, until you show us what you do.
The Success Shortcuts Route is only a million or so sources of help for the hungry.
The Success Shortcuts Route can't click the food buttons more than once a day.

Every cup produced beyond that cup comes one at a time, from one at a time.
Because you do click through every day, one person, one click at a time,
you've become the center of the world. Surely you can see forwards.
At least one of every million lives we do save is that 1 in 1,000,000,
the one in every million who improves our one world profoundly.
That is why your Success Shortcuts Route is devoted to you.

Another decisive secret of wealth AND secret of health is the act of giving.
Physically, your immune system goes up, up, up when you engage in a kind act. That's a secret of health.
Physical laws of the universe prove to provide equal and opposite reactions to the act of giving, a secret of wealth.
Use the Success Shortcuts Route to help feed the starving - NO CHARGE

You are the difference
GREAT sponsors of (no relation to us). buy cups of food for starving people with free clickthroughs!
When you click this food button and the one that pops open a starving human gets fed, at no charge to you.
This is a prime function of the Success Shortcuts Route.   What goes up...

Secrets of Health and Secrets of Health

Why are people surprised to learn that the secrets of health and wealth are not so secret?
Why are you yourself skeptical or surprised to see that the great secrets of health and wealth are simple?
Have you ever seen a cat walking around the way old people have such a tendency to walk around?
No, because cats stretch their muscles dozens of times every day that they live and breathe.
The secrets of wealth and health absolutely includes this simple and powerful exercise.
Point your elbows in any direction and gently push them just a bit further, twice.
Lift your left knee and move it to your right, then do it with your right knee.
Keep all of your exercises simple, and never skip a day of doing them.
The Success Shortcuts Route has proven to know better, consistently,
because the Success Shortcuts Route is the study of those who do.
The great secrets of health and wealth are everywhere we look.
Most of all, the secrets of health and wealth are inside you.
Before trying to learn more, first look at what you know.
Using more of what you know helps you to learn more.
When we learn more, our decisions get much better.

Learning more is a great secret of health,
and it remains a huge secret of wealth.
Shhhhh. Less chatting, more doing.

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Since the Success Shortcuts Route is, naturally, already a part of you,
make the Success Shortcuts Route a part of your daily life.
Breathe deeply, not in shallow spurts. Drink enough water. Stretch several times per day.