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Included are a couple of hundred earlier “redirects” which required licit separate email boxes EACH.  Whew!!

Many of these sites are hosted with smaller companies, more than a few likely to go out of business.
 As of today, there are more than a thousand Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts websites,
each and every one carefully crafted-edited by MrShortcut, Godfather of Online EyeCandy
Over a million unique, interactive EyeCandy pages,
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The Success Shortcuts Route is not about dallying about, waiting.
Stop wasting time majoring in minors. Let's start using shortcuts immediately.
For example, each day of your life has a certain number of fully wasted minutes,
minutes you can reclaim immediately for far more useful investment on your behalf.
Every time you get into a conversation with someone, take note of what you speak about.
When you find yourself outside of the zone that's most useful to you, shorten your chat.
Wise people discuss ideas, average people discuss events, mediocre people discuss other people.

Doubling your results is a result of doubing your efforts.
It begins with a single improvement of one percent.
Any one percent that is repeated one hundred times reveals more than a doubling of your results!

What a self-empowering start. because talking about other people has little profit.
That doesn't mean you eliminate every minute of just unwinding with a bit of gab.
What it does mean is a reduction of minutes that are perfectly wasteful.
While "perfect" is a nice word, "wasteful" is not quite so.
Most of your minutes are yours to do with as you wish.
By trimming wasteful minutes just a few at a time,
you instantly reap more minutes to wisely use.
Let's make this change effective right now.
Every conversation, keep this in focus.
Every conversation, trim a minute.
This alone returns, over time,
many thousands of minutes.
Think you could use them?
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Wasn’t that fun? It was a blast building it Remember, what you know means little to any of us.
What you DO with what you know fascinates us. Do more with what you know.

You’ll be quite happy.

The secrets of health and wealth are all around us. The secrets of health and wealth are inside of most all of us. The secrets of health and wealth are already known to you. Offered twenty thousand dollars for each line of your list, how many secrets of health & wealth would you write? Would you like to get rich at a much faster rate? Are you able to close your mouth and open up? Your mind, your eyes, your ears, your nose should all be open twice as much, right? Twice as much as that one tiny mouth. Okay, it's not so tiny, still, just one. Take a pen and paper, right now. Write the secrets of health, then the secrets of wealth. See? You knew all along. Had you not written it, you would not have known. Idiots know what to do and smart people do what they know. It doesn't matter if you understand why; this has proven true for all. When you personally write out the secrets of health and the secrets of wealth, you instantaneously double your actual knowledge and understanding of these secrets. Do you show an I.Q. north of 140 or 150 or 189? How can you expect to produce better answers? Rather than resenting the difference, profit instantly, repeatedly, and forever heeding those who do. When you write out, on a piece of paper, by hand, the secrets of health and the secrets of wealth, you instantly double what you think you knew about the secrets of great health and wealth. Please stop telling us what you know or what you think, until you show us what you do. The Success Shortcuts Route is only a million or so sources of help for the hungry. The Success Shortcuts Route can't click the food buttons more than once a day. Every cup produced beyond that cup comes one at a time, from one at a time. Because you do click through every day, one person, one click at a time, you've become the center of the world. Surely you can see forwards. At least one of every million lives we do save is that 1 in 1,000,000, the one in every million who improves our one world profoundly. That is why your Success Shortcuts Route is devoted to you.