Shortcut For This And Shortcut For That - Succeeding Faster With The Success Shortcuts Route


Grab your one favorite shortcut at the Success Shortcuts Route.

What you know means little if it's not what you do.

Wrap yourself in shortcuts, with the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 

These are the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires

The Success Shortcuts Route Counts On YOU You you
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When you click this food button and the one that pops open you save a human life... at no charge to you.
This is a prime function of the Success Shortcuts Route.   What goes up...

Sometimes one shortcut is enough.
You even get to choose which shortcut.
If you want to use more than one shortcut,
you are licensed to do so, at no charge to you.
Speak less and do more. You will see your profit.

One shortcut
may be all it takes,
with the big shortcut,
the one shortcut for you.
Everyone has that shortcut.
It is different for each human.
It is the shortcut that you know.
It works for you most every time.
The shortcut will do for you as you do.
Everything is energy, and it always returns.
Newton described it most profoundly for you.
What you give to the world is what you regain.
As a child, like most, you had a favorite shortcut.
When you really needed, you pulled it out for use.
Then, at age 12 or thereabout: self-consciousness.
You became so aware of yourself socio-sexually
that you completely forget the giant inside you.
The Success Shortcuts Route urges you on.
Regain that one shortcut you used then.
It will serve you even more today,
as often and as much as you do.
One shortcut to change it all,
to change your own truth.
One shortcut can do it,
supported by belief,
repeated yet again.
Just one shortcut,
waiting for you.
One shortcut.

One shortcut?
A shortcut for this,
and a shortcut for that,
a shortcut right under the top of your hat.
One shortcut will find you ahead of the game,
with one shortcut you'll find things are never the same.
One shortcut for this and one shortcut for that,
all to help you turn your dreams into fact.
One shortcut here, one shortcut there,
masters breathe shortcuts in their air.
A shortcut is no more than habit,
a shortcut means do it again,
When do you succeed, too?
One shortcut tells us when.

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One shortcut is hardly too much to ask you to focus on, considering how many shortcuts you know.
You already know how much one shortcut can bring to you, true, or not?
Is that not enough reason for you to grab your best shortcut?

One shortcut may be all I need,
though I would not use one shortcut to pursue deeds of greed.
One shortcut is sometimes enough to tip,
the balance of one's own personal ship.
One shortcut can carry you through the gale,
and one shortcut may be what you need not to fail.
Take one shortcut from all that you have,
'cause one shortcut may be your magical salve,
against the scores and slits of disaster,
one shortcut is the tool of the master.
Whatever you do, whoever you are,
one shortcut may just be your answer.

Find one shortcut, grab it, and use it one hundred times.
One shortcut cannot fail to work... we can only fail to work that one shortcut.