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The Success Shortcuts Route invites you to imagine something that may be too simple for you to understand. A prime feature of the Success Shortcuts Route is to present you with information you have never encountered before. It is a joy and privilege to help even the playing fields of the world, a la Al Gore minus the politician. On occasion, you will encounter PowerGems that you already know, but haven't had the brains or energy to act upon.

If you're looking for moderate improvements in your life, you're disinvited from the Success Shortcuts Route, because the Success Shortcuts Route is all about the safest high-speed shortcuts known to exist. Research? The entire Harvard professorship, in their lifetimes, cannot possibly have read as much as MisterShortcut, promulgator of the Success Shortcuts Route - not by a long shot, and more so when you consider the overlap of books read by more than one professor. A book or three per day for nearly fifteen thousand days has a way of adding up, although the first five sets of encyclopedia have proven to carry more value than thousands of the most popular books combined. The encyclopedia must be counted among the most under-used, dearthfully-employed resources of significance available to the majority of all citizens. Emerson's complaint about wasted human resources far outstripping our prolific waste of natural resources is unerringly certified by your own lack of remembrance of how much you get from an encyclopedia that is useful in your daily pursuit of excellence... or lack thereof (in both meanings).

In these next thirty seconds you will be introduced to a novel idea, one of many found within the Success Shortcuts Route. It is not original thought: your next PowerGem comes from masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, thousands of them personally interviewed in one way or another. Unless and until you know more than masters and millionaires and champions and billionaires, it behooves you to suspend your opinion until AFTER you process and use information of your own accord and initiative.

Approximately one hundred percent of the things you ever want or imagine are achieved or not based far less on circumstance than your desire and focus. Peace with your family, more money, better health, are all a result of your total number of thoughts.

Step back for a minute. Pretend you have an I.Q. forty or sixty points higher than it is, just for a minute or two. For this period of time you are capable of processing information as efficiently as any genius you have ever met or ever will likely meet.

Do you know that you can be trained, or you can train yourself, in ten to twenty days, to get eighty and more percent of all the people you encounter to give you most anything you want? MisterShortcut is one of millions of humans to prove it, as are Paul Newman, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and so many people you'll never even hear about, knowingly or unknowingly pursuing the awe-inspiring ripples of increasing power of the Success Shortcuts Route, in whatever manifestation they prove to be world-class at the performance of. Even those masters and champions who have never heard of the Success Shortcuts Route practice the underlying secrets and methods and attitudes and words and questions of anyone who consciously embraces the Success Shortcuts Route. That's because the underlying rules, the shortcuts of success, are universal. The sooner you get this point down past the point on top of your head, the sooner your brain will be processing a dozen possible resolutions in the time that you used to process one or two. PowerGems, great shortcuts, apply across the board to all that you would excel at. Any action you are going to repeat again in the future, particularly those you will be repeating repeatedly, repetitiously and/or without end, is an action well worth mastering.

Greatest baby-sitting service, learning to debate, healing yourself of liver disease (which you almost certainly need to at least some degree if you eat a typical diet) - and thousands of other human actions or efforts or interests, are all within your grasp when you stop thinking against what you already feel. We know your position on any given subject. When you take the opposite point of view unto yourself, your knowledge, brain power, and efficiency instantaneously doubles. The more sincere you are in embracing the positions most repellent to yourself, it does not mean you need to change your opinion, only that you fully endorse the exactly opposing position, because every time you do, and with sincerity, you again double your knowledge, brain power, and efficacity in arriving at decisions.

This PowerGem works approximately one hundred percent of the time for just about one hundred percent of all the people who apply this PowerGem, and exponentially so when used a hundred or more times.

Grab more of your life's power at the Success Shortcuts Route.
Crafted for your self-empowerment by the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
These are the shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and without a doubt YOUR shortcuts to succeeding.

Enjoy. It's all here for your life.

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Shortcuts of success, what we all spend time pursuing,
shortcuts of success, because losing is what we're eschewing.
Shortcuts of success, to lift and give you strength,
to reach your widest corners, in all their length and breadth.

Shortcuts of success, what we need to make it work,
shortcuts of success, for those who do not shirk,
the call of greatness, the opposite of distress,
all with the use of shortcuts of success.

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