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Shapetalk Capital - Success Shortcuts Route

Shapetalk does light the path.
Shapetalk is a way of communicating.
Shapetalk can express what words may not.
Shapetalk is a way to say, from yesterday to today,
that shortcuts and smiles inevitably lead to a better day.
Shapetalk also permits a separation of each idea, line by line.
Heed history's most record-shattering human so YOU can excel.
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, as you'll surely agree,
leaving today, which we know to be a gift because we call it the present.
We may not know who first coined that phrase, and yet it trumpets the truth.
So, treat each day as if it's your last, because one of these days you will be right.
If you knew better, you would do better, so it is wise to pay attention to those who do.
One certain fact of life is that those who do it better repeatedly prove they know it better.
Among your powers, proven by masters and champions, is a true grasp of this precise day.
NOT grasping this day is why you are surrounded by so many who do better than you anyway.
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, which is why we call it 'the present.'
A 24-hour gift made up of 1,440 separate minutes, separate opportunities to maintain or to excel.
No one of value is interested in much of what you think; only in what you do with what you think.
Using more of your 1,440 daily opportunities is how to embrace your Success Shortcuts Route.
Remember that the more times you ask more people to help, the more times you receive help.
The next twenty-two days of your life, accompanied by more asking, will deliver much more.
All that you find in ShapeTalk is assured of being a PowerGem of masters and champions.
Speak less and do more. Engage more PowerGems to see more PowerGems engage YOU.
Once you re-enter the excellence within you, you will not settle for less from within you.
Recognize immediately that you are the one who writes and lives the script of your life.
If you are as bright as I think, review these sentences repeatedly to fully absorb them.
Only after you have read them repeatedly will you understand what is beneath the top

ShapeTalk Redux - Success Shortcuts Route

ShapeTalk is not merely an idle pleasure.   All ShapeTalk bits are multi-layered.
Find your second, third, fifth levels; magnificent wealth will assuredly and rapidly follow.
Engage the Success Shortcuts Route, and PowerGems within, beginning with your ShapeTalk.

These hundreds of thousands of healthy and wealthy web pages,
beginning with The Success Shortcuts Route and Zen of Better Longevity,
filled with YOUR healthiest secrets of Longevity and shortcuts for building wealth
have been designed for you by the Godfather of Shortcuts...

Welcome to what is believed to be both the world's healthiest website, designed by the most prolific human of the century,
and built into The Success Shortcuts Route with admiration for YOU, from Mr Shortcut.

You are quick to give excuses about why you have not excelled recently.
What exactly have you done lately that your grandmother might be proud of?
All of the chatter has no value in your life without the support of repeated actions.
Pick SOMETHING! Anything in your life is a suitable candidate for you to focus on.
You need not worry about producing more results, remaining focused only on your efforts.
This is a magical, fantastically powerful secret of success, one of the greatest secrets of success.
Yadda, yadda with your commentaries and opinions. Today, we move you up at least one full notch,
with the simple expedient of you speaking less and doing more, giving more effort in what is important.
As with all humans, what is important to you is determined more by your wishes than those of other people.
Let the Success Shortcuts Route guide you. Best of all, let the Success Shortcuts Route guide the inner you.
You have a child and an adult and a parent inside of you, according to Transactional Analysis. Use them ALL!
You already have so many great answers inside of you, available to everyone who asks your advice. True, or not?

Begin to apply those great answers to your own efforts... by asking yourself better questions!
The Success Shortcuts Route cannot and does not fail us, not now, not ever.
We can only fail to make use of the Success Shortcuts Route,
and all it contains, including your best secrets of success.
Starting right now, less talk, and more action, okay?
USE your great secrets of success to yield more.

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Welcome to the Success Shortcuts Route,
the world's greatest source for the greatest secrets of success, free for your life.

Secrets of success, oh, sweet secrets of success,
How can I use these PowerGems, to clean up my lifetime mess?
The secrets of success do not work of reveryone,
For they will not mass-produce for the laziest of our sons.
The secrets of success can only outperform the past,
when most actions were predicated on rules tooo loose and fast.

This, howe'er, is a PowerGem, and you should never confuse deese with dem.
These are not the shortcuts of the secretively-minded,
And they're not all fash and dander
To leave you dazzled and confused,
To leave you dazzled and mentally-blinded.

Shortcuts - yes SHORcuts


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