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Shortcuts for speed-reading

You HAVE to love this, because the results show up in as little as 60 seconds and for as long as you wish and desire. It's one of the rare magical genie-in-a-bottle shortcuts, and therefore qualifies as powergem level. No one can confirm which of TWO separate records of your own that you're about to shatter is more fun; only that you get two instant major boost in results within a single minute. Every time you repeat the task within any one given minute of time, you get better at kt, and reap the double results at the same time. Can you think of some other tasks that pay you twice for each effort?

The two benefits of this speed-reading shortcut are that you get to read more in less time, and, more importantly to some people, you get a measurably instant increase in comprehension. You understand the material better, and faster.

So, to conclude this introduction, let's make sure we're straight on this. In this page is contained a single magical and literally superpowerful shortcut that NO ONE can pooh-pooh, least of all the putative literati of the day, more aptly described as alleged literati, aka "naysayers." Any human who can read these words will benefit in the next one minute of life passing who has the true native intelligence to simply open up and DO something better rather than opine.

Ignore all words of three letters or less. As you get better, even four-letter words can be dropped. Just read past them, reading, in order, the words that have five or more letters.

That's it. Here comes a better grasp of it. Let's say a page has four hundred words. By the time you've read ten pages, that's four thousand words you're expected to have read and understood. If we don't understand it, we're supposed to go back and read that part again, and if necessary seek external guidance on solving the lack of understanding. Pareto's perfect principle assures us that eight or more percent of the time, we don't need external guidance. Laziness, or lack of confidence are the two known reasons for seeking guidance. Neither has to be a sin, provided effort is made at least here and there to offset their production of ill effect.

Getting back to the four hundred words per page times ten pages for four thousand words, those are a great number of words, and show us why we forget approximately ninety percent of what we read within a day. Only the pith remains, only the useful nugget of information sticks with us.

Understanding this simple fact of human living is a stunning shortcut to boosting your intelligence, your education, your time management, and even more, just from ignoring the little words.

You see, we are taught to read word by word. When we measure speed-reading techniques and the human eye moment involved, it does not take you long to read each word, there is simply a long delay in between words while your eye stops and goes and stops and goes.

Let's eliminate a very big fat chunk of wasted time. Ignore those little words because YOUR BRAIN WILL NOT IGNORE THEM! Not for nothing, you have roughly seven million receptors for color in each -- repeat -- EACH of your eyes, and another one hundred million color receptors for blacks, whites, and grays... again, in each of your eyes.

Your eyes are magnificently complicated devices, exceeded only the human brain on earth for position of "Most sophisticated device on earch." Your eyes in fact WILL INDEED see those smaller words, and record them in your brain, in the storage area we call memory.

Your conscious mind, meanwhile, by concentrating only on the serious words, will only stop, focus, and move forwards fifty to one hundred times instead of the full four hundred times. Not only are you reading the material faster, but at the end of ten pages, there are only four hundred words in your conscious mind, many of them repeats, such as proper nouns and places or devices. By the time you've read ten pages, you have a much clearer idea of what just took place in those previous ten pages, and can even rephrase or summarize in your own words. When you take the time to engage that second and oh-so-special step, you have effectively placed that set of thoughts into the permanently accessible portion of your memory storage.

For whatever reasons and however psychobabblish its exegetical denouement, when we take absolutely any incoming information and reform it into our own words as if we were teaching it to a child in full view of a thousand people, and we use either voice or writing to articulate your thoughts on the subject, it becomes a part of your permanent memory. For at least many months afterward, all humans remember the subject better when they not merely repeat what they heard, no, no, instead when humans repeat out loud and clear or in writing IN THEIR OWN WORDS,

It's based on however each person got to where they are at that moment. Some might say the word "HUGE," while others might say "Enormous!" or "Brobdignagian"

What is more important is that you simply repeat out loud or in writing, your understanding of what you just read. This is a student's dream come true: immediate grasp of a subject wherein further study is reduced.

However, let's say you're in the 80 percent of us all who are just plain losers for the decisions pertaining to maintaining mediocrity, only rarely bothering to make things better. Okay, then you only need to use the first half of this massively effective speed-reading trick: just ignore the words of three letters or less.

Again, your eye will in fact pick it up. You can prove this by simply recalling something you read sixty seconds ago, or five minutes ago, etc. Your brain will naturally fill in the missing owrds. It is the necessary words that need to be read, and only those words. It shatters your own glass ceiling in as little as sixty seconds.

Naturally, speed-reading courses and the like don't want you to know this, because they'll argue that you're missing out. Fact is, you miss out on nothing, not The pleasure of a good book. It's just the conscious part of your mind, in this case comannded by your eye movements, which we both ardently hope are subject to your will and command. Ordering your eye to skip past these words speeds up your reading, makes it a bit smoother, and your comprehension SOARS. I've read a book or two per day for more than sixteen thousand days now, and love to discuss their contents. No, I am not a genius, unless you accept Einstein's definition of genius when he stated that genius is the ability to take "an infinite number of steps an infinite number of times." the purpose here is for YOU to get the benefit of this magnificent, honorably special shortcut for not merely speed=reading, as well,

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