Top Doctors - Such an overused term! The top doctors in the U.S. may surprise you.
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Everybody knows "Top Doctors."
So why are more people dying prematurely?
Nothing, nothing, nothing speaks louder than results.
When you meet a naturopath who gives fast, effective advice,
does NOT charge you four arms and a pair of legs to advise you,
then you know that you've got yourself a top doctor, and let's face it,
"top doctors" is a phrase that every single American has heard someone refer to.
"My daughter went to the top doctor in....." or, "Only the top doctors were consulted,"
and on and on it goes. Everybody's going to "top doctors," and meanwhile, everybody's dying.
One million Americans diagnosed with cancer every year, half of them dying in a year or less.

Your diet is ninety percent of the problem, and using both technology and decades of experience,
you're likely to find one of the top doctors of his generation is the avuncular fellow in Brooklyn,
who does NOT want you coming back for more appointments next week; too many other people in need.
The idea with David Cohen is to prevent you from becoming a repeat customer by helping you first time out.
Yes, some peopel have to come back a couple of times, but this is the opposite of what you're used to.

Instead of going back again and again and again, we try to get rid of you with one visit.
On occasion, you may be advised to return; in most cases, just check in by phone now and again.
With all of the incompetents and frauds who are helping no one but themselves and their bank accounts,
it's hard to argue with the effectiveness of a man who has NEVER taken a large salary or lived expansively.

How often do you get to meet an old-fashioned person, one who does what they do because they love it?
Now of those very few people of your own acquaintance are also excellent at what they do?
Without exception, those who excel at something are very passionate about doing it.
That's how Psychology of Longevity es helping people.
In thirty years he has never taken a large salary or lived largely.
His commitment is shown in the people who do not need to return.
Dr. Cohen believes that a return visit means the job's not done.
Using technology and thirty years of experience, the aim is "ONE VISIT."
There is absolutely no guesswork, which is what medical doctors do by definition.
We go to our medical doctor; they offer a trained and professional guesstimate of the problem,
and then offer suggestions about getting rid of the problem. Is this a sufficently accurate description?

"Top doctors" is a phrase thrown around far too often, and it's so rarely used well.
Factually, no one can cure you or heal you, they can only help you to heal yourself.
We humans are each our own top doctors, so it's a smart person who learns more.
No one's asking you to memorize medical dictionaries; quite the opposite.
Forget the five or six thousand health or emotional challenges you DON"T have;
and put your obviously advanced mind to work on what DOES challenge you.
Whatever's bothering you, it only takes a few minutes per day!!
Yes, and within months you can know more than your doctor,
more details and facts at your immediate command.
Unless, of course, you're just too lazy,
and you want OTHER people to decide.
If that's the case, call today,
and book a Bodyscan app't.

Dr. Cohen would rather you see you do it on your own, and yet still remains committed to helping.
If you're convinced you need the advice of someone who's very good at helping people to help themselves,
call for an appointment today and let's get you headed back toward your own personal balance... naturally.

When it comes to better health tips, nothing exceeds the value of having information at your fingertips. Dr. Cohen repeatedly urges us all to remember the most truthful of disclaimers:

Unless you go to drastic exceptions, it's almost impossible to write a failing advertisement. It's only possible not to show it to enough people. Forget the art of success. In Trump's first book he taught us one of the most powerful lessons, most effective shortcuts to wealth that a billionaire can offer, and please remember he was a billionaire back when America only had a dozen billionaires, not hundreds.

The PowerGem that he passed on was related in his confusion at why people don't seem to understand that the energy you use to think is identical no matter if you're thinking small or large. Here in plain sight was hidden one of the five most important thoughts that will ever bless the human race. In other words, it is NOT more difficult to develop wealth than to live in poverty or what the middle class may think of as mediocre prosperity, to add another oxymoron to the list.

How bright is your bulb? Within not months or years or weeks, rather, within seconds your wealth increases from the moment you actually "get it." The energy you use to get wealthy is not greater than the energy you use to suffer. It's quite the opposite. Because you're a pig-head who thinks you known better, you have not, at least until this minute, been flexible to a higher learning curve for yourself. Whew! Two huge rocket boosters to your daily results cram-packed and concentrated down to one can of PowerGem spinach. The learning curve is something we all have, and all of us enjoy having a higher one, which is nothing more or less than a zone your brain goes into, a state as measurable as alpha, beta, theta, and omega states. With exquisite adherence to the perfectly repeatable, perfectly controllable rule that desire is the one and exclusive gasoline that fires the engines of learning curves. Increase your desire and you increase your learning curve. Only your desire determines your performance, your skill level, your ability to repeat a profitable task two or more times in a row. Your learning curve, the precise rate at which you absorb and then assimilate new information, is controlled by you just as you control a vehicle, with the notable exception that you have far more control over your learning curve than you do over a vehicle moving at thirty or more miles per hour, which is listed by Mr-Shortcut as being one of the ten Great Illusions of Life.

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