Superlative shortcuts only fail when we fail to use them.

No other living creature can physically live out your life for you,
or feel the fears and joys that are waiting for you. Stop being so damned afraid of living.
Your fear of success is tiny compared to your fear of succeeding, and your life is proof of this.
When did you last do something exciting or fulfilling or loving? No one says you have to take risks.
No one is insinuating that you need to lower the priorities of your income or family life or schoolwork.
You are currently wasting many thousands of minutes per month; minutes far better invested in building your life.
That's right: thousands of minutes every month; most of them on petty, mindlessly empty conversations about other people.
Stop!     STOP!     Close your mouth long enough to listen to even one human being who is doing better than you are.
Don't limit yourself to MisterShortcut, or to the Success Shortcuts Route exclusively, or any other one source.
  The point is that whatever it is you are doing in your personal or work life, someone's doing better.  
No need to be envious; that's entirely wasteful and brings you zero benefit or profit.
Unless you're the best on earth at what you do, in which case we already know,
or, more importantly, YOU already know, in which case you'd not be here,
there are people doing better than you in any field you choose.
Prove that you're smart enough to learn from any of them.
Prove that you are capable of superior intellect,
by learning from dozens or hundreds of them.
Prove that you're a genius quite quickly,
by imitating them one hundred times,
in one hundred days or less.
The payoffs are munificent.
and they're guaranteed.
Let's go for yours.
Let's do it now,
w/ shortcuts.

Not even your most cherished family member can yield your most superlative shortcuts.
This is an internal gig.

The Success Shortcuts Route invites you to save a life at no charge to you

The Success Shortcuts Route Admires YOUR Winning Attitude
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What higher function of the Success Shortcuts Route can there be?   What goes up...

Welcome to the world's most exciting and superlative website,
The Success Shortcuts Route, with Mr_Shortcut
Reach for the best in you, by starting today.
Asking more from yourself in any effort leads to higher expectations.
Higher expectations always and without fail lead to higher productivity.
If you believe in you just one-tenth as much as Mr-Shortcut does,
you're already committed to making today a bit more exciting,
a bit more filled with a determination to excel.

YOU determine the value of the Success Shortcuts Route,
just as you determine the value... or lack... in each day.

MrShortcut entices you into the net's most exciting and superlative website,
The Success Shortcuts Route is larger than any human can ever review alone...

Go ahead and tap any keyboard character
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If you're thrilled with everything in your life, change nothing.
How could superlative shortcuts help somebody just like yourself?

If you are not thrilled with at least most of your life,
use the Success Shortcuts Route and Zen of Better Longevity,
because you'll find them to be more than superlative shortcuts,
they are the Success Shortcuts Route way of life.

The Success Shortcuts Route of Masters and Millionaires for success in human endeavors,
the Success Shortcuts Route for living stronger for longer - living naturally..

Health Index For The Zen of Better Longevity

More Superlative Shortcuts From Your Success Shortcuts Route

911day Photos - Tribute To Friends

Learn more so you can earn more, with the Success Shortcuts Route.
You cannot learn less, especially with your Success Shortcuts Route.
Designed and developed for your greater potential by the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You
These are the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires,
the best shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and provably YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding.

all here for your life because you're worth it, and more.
The best way to pay for all this is to pass it on, in your own way.
Every useful piece of information becomes more powerful with use.

Superlative Shortcuts

Superlative shortcuts on the vine,
needing to be yielded with the passage of our time.

Superlative shortcuts all around
look and take yourself to town.
Carry and marry each with joyCarry and marry each with joy,
for all of them are more than merely complementary toys.
Superlative shortcuts work best when used,
and always work best when used by you.
Superlative shortcuts rushed by time,
pluck them fresh from yonder vine.
Superlative shortcuts to the end,
all for you, this means to send.
YOUR superlative shortcuts.

As you may have noticed, The Success Shortcuts Route,
and all one-thousand-plus websites created by MisterShortcut,
are fairly well focused on superlative shortcuts.
Have you noticed? If so, you're okay, you're on the right track to success.
Soon, you'll be doing it on your own, creating your own superlative shortcuts to success.
Imagine yourself treating pretty much if not everything you do as if it's of vital import,
treating each phone call or interview or interaction as if it's the most important one of the day.
Do so, especially with your most superlative shortcuts, and you'll find success rapidly shortcutting to you.

So many different kinds of shortcuts!
Empowering and fully superlative shortcuts,
Munificent and indubitably magnificent shortcuts,
guaranteed and quite incredible shortcuts,
fantastic and persistently powerful shortcuts
hypnotic and rather delicious shortcuts,
Insurable and Monefied shortcuts,
if you catch my drift,
absolute and certainly engaging shortcuts,
enduring and for sure successful shortcuts,
so-potently helpful and fully utile shortcuts....
and so much more. You see we can also find
enticing shortcuts and satisfying shortcuts,
energizing shortcuts and non-abrasive shortcuts,
sharing shortcuts and of course, caring shortcuts.
At the end of it all, shortcuts and time-cuts,
carry us over the wall.

These are the shortcuts of those who dare,
these are the shortcuts they use everywhere.
A thousand minutes per day, no travail,
means a thousand shortcuts we all might avail.
Excuses are fine for those who fail small,
but shortcuts are needed by who would stand tall.
all a perception, of honest deception, looking for those who are good.
who raise the reins of shortcuts, and use them as they should.

Success Shortcuts Route Route Of Health Success Superlatives

Learning to read between the lines is a wondrously self-empowering treat of life.
Among the most treasured of all secrets routinely, repetitively used by the great masters,
reading between the lines teaches you several discrete lines of inquiry in the arena of criticality.
Critical thinking is the height of thought, the superlative level of performance in thinking at your best.
Since you cannot learn less about anything, it is to your repeat profit to learn to read between lines.
All that you know and all that you do, speak volumes enough for what we need to know of you.
Most students grab common definitions ONLY, such as "superlative" meaning "ends in 'est'"


"Superlative" is not only meant to teach "ending in 'est'."

As well, there is confidence that you know what "superlative" means here.
Best of the best, putatively greatest of the great, in this care pertaining to shortcuts.
The greatest shortcuts of great masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires:
Universal shortcuts informing, shaping the Success Shortcuts Route & Route Of Health Success.

At the center of the Success Shortcuts Route and Route Of Health Success is learning... superlatively.
By imitating those who live superlative lives of performance and fulfillment, pursuing the superlative,
they personify and embody, and bring to life, the Success Shortcuts Route and Route Of Health Success.