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Edward Taffet, by himself and with Sarah Taffet, is considered a great human being.
Sol Taffet and his beloved wife Hannah, are also wonderful human beings.
Between Edward and Sarah Taffet, loving brother and sister,
and Hannah and Sol Taffet, leaders of the Taffet clan,
you've got yourself a bag of Taffets, great ones,
known affectionately to each other, simply,
as... you guessed it... "Taffy."

Taffet, Buchbinder, Emily, Shari, Brian, Hannah, Sol, Eddie, Sarah, Sol Taffet

Act like a Taffet, and you know what happens?
You begin to BECOME a Taffet, and that's good,
because being a Taffet is in itself a good thing.

Do you know any Taffets? Do you know even one Taffet?
If you do, you've likely had a great Taffet-y experience.
That's because people named Taffet are trained to be great.
Whether it's in the Taffet genes, or is a developed Taffet trait,
That Taffet state of mind is loving, giving, bright, inquisitive, and great.

Taffet Capital

One hopes you enjoy the Taffet Capital of the Internet,
which is to say, more Taffet pages on more websites than in any other network or permutation of internet.
Taffet I through Taffet IX are cute enough. Taffet Ten through Taffet Thirty are delicious, presumably so,
and Taffet Thirty-One through Taffet Eleven Hundred and Eighty-Nine are interactively more fun.