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You cannot learn less, so learn more with the Success Shortcuts Route and Zen of Better Longevity,
by orders of magnitude the largest empowerment websites and network in the world.

Since you already own the Zen of Better Longevity and the Success Shortcuts Route,
since you already have access to more than eighty percent --
EIGHTY or MORE PERCENT of all the resources you might ever need to succeed,
both the Zen of Better Longevity and the Success Shortcuts Route are fired up and ready to go, awaiting your command.

If this is not art, then what is art?
Expressing yourself is vital to your good life.
Let NO ONE refute your dream.

One of the more valuable gifts of reading a book or so per day for so many thousands of days
is the grand view of humanity's greatness and nobility, seeing that our limits are self-imposed.
Please, don't die with your music unsung; it's entirely too wasteful of all and who you are.

The only reason you were issued arms is to reach out with them.   Well, reach!
There is no better time or place or opportunity than that within the moment.
Tomorrow is coming at a ridiculously fast pace, and when it arrives,
you will look back at today and say, "Gee, it seems like just..."
Less talk.  More action. More Success Shortcuts Route.

The more you smile, the more people do just as you ask.
It doesn't really matter if you understand why,
only that smiles are one of your secrets,
because you keep them hidden,
rather than using this tool.
Smile if it hurts or not,
smile if it feels good.
The payoffs are fast,
and many, so smile.

Should you prove capable of this task, working at it no less than ten seconds every single day of your life,
you are promised fantastic wealth of whatever currency is most important to you, material or otherwise.
NOT because of the smiles, instead you prove to yourself that you're capable of being flexible.
Furthermore, it gives you required proof of advance. Whether you advance ten percent,
or just a fraction of one percent, ANY percent of improvement that is achieved...
is capable of being reproduced.   The day it's reproduced again,
that's the scientific evidence of a repeatable pattern.
The Success Shortcuts Route is all about patterns.
When a pattern is close to perfectly duplicable,
it's appropriate to this program, and more,
it's appropriate for you to stick with,
again and again and again and again.
Your time and money will double.
One hundred days or less.
Doesn't cost a dime.
Do it repeatedly!
First, do it.

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