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with the best shortcuts of masters and champions, and the Godfather of Shortcuts

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Did you know that improving just once in every twelve tries doubles your results and income?
Best of all, it doesn't matter if you understand why; it's a perfect fact of life.

A perfect shortcut of life can be called a PowerGem. This shortcut, even by itself, applies approximately every time.
Without exception, one additional success for every twelve tries doubles your results and dollars. Tell us less and show us more.

Look back over any period of time you like. One year, two years, five years, even ten years.
Notice three of the things that have given you the best feelings you've ever experienced.
A hug from an athlete, a child or sibling? Applause for something you accomplished?
Bonus check or tip for a job well done? An "attaboy" for something you did well?
The feelings you've felt after a tremendously challenging result you achieved,
or something that you tasted or touched or flew, dived with, or looked at?
Every well-fed person gets to enjoy moments of big satisfaction in life.
Since you have likely been fairly well-fed, you have had such times.
Among those greatest moments, you're asked to think of three.
Our objective is to have you fully focused on each of these,
so that you can duplicate them as often as you wish to.
Are your greatest feelings worth 1% of your time?
PowerGems need only as little as one percent.
PowerGems quickly electrify your results,
dramatically energizing your very life.
Let's go for yours, starting today.
It's quite a ride, an experience,
reaching for the best in you.
Your journey of a lifetime,
lubricated by shortcuts.
Shortcuts of masters.
The best shortcuts.
Your PowerGems.
Let's do it now.
This is the day.
Your big day.
Our big day.

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