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I had a dramatic initial response to being on the Universal Energetic Balancing Program. I have had pitting edema of both of my lower legs for at least 5 years. I am 80 years old. As an RN, I am amazed by the fact that all of the edema with the exception of a trace, has disappeared! Even more amazing is the fact that this occurred within 3 weeks of joining! I have had a marked increase in energy and my chronic back pain has decreased progressively. I still have some pain in the lower back. One more thing is the fact that my skin looks and feels younger. I had very dry skin previously and also severe post-menopausal vaginal dryness and subsequent chronic vaginitis. This problem has resolved with no other treatment variables.

The UEB Program has kept me healthy when all of my golfing friends have experienced the “flu bug.” I just seem to bounce back so much faster when I am under the weather. Being 74, it is great to have the program as my “secret weapon” knowing that it will keep me healthy in the later years of my life.

I started the Universal Energetic Balancing Program in late August 2000. In mid September 2000, I noticed that my mind seemed to be retracing things that happened to me in the past, situations that I had not thought about, at least in this new light. With each event that I dealt with, there was a grieving and giving up. Understanding that came with each past situation. I felt a thankfulness for each of these events, instead of regret. There seems to be a new peacefulness that has given me a new understanding of my life. I feel very strongly, that this program is helping me to heal my emotions.

Depression is something I inherited and have suffered from since I was a teenager. I truly believed I was only a little depressed until I went on this program. With depression gone completely, the world looks totally different, and I realize, I was quite depressed. Not any more!

The UEB Program has greatly improved the quality of my life. I have more energy and experience less in my very mentally and physically taxing job. My general overall health has increased and I have a new found feeling of well-being.

After suffering from Candida for 35 years, trying all the alternative methods, I could find only temporary relief now and then. This program took my sugar cravings away so completely that I can eat in a way that supports my returning health.

I have no words to describe the gratitude I feel for being on this program. I must admit that I could not imagine how the program could help me and I was very skeptical. Now, after being a participant for 3 months, I have the energy to take a walk for approximately two blocks, This may nor seem like a big deal, but anyone who has fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue will know how energy is such a premium. There has been a gentle release of emotions which is good for me. I usually stuff my emotions: and know that this release has been beneficial. My overall level of pain has diminished progressively, although there are times when I have difficulty, especially in relation to the weather. I feel confident that I am no longer on a downward path.

I have had chronic bladder incontinence and a condition called Raynaud’s Disease, which is a disease whereby the circulation of the entire circulatory system of the body Is Impaired. The problem was so severe that I have had amputations of 4 toes due to gangrene, I am glad to report that the horrible aching of my feet has decreased so much that my consumption of pain pills has decreased and I can sleep better. My problem with incontinence is now nearly resolved. This program has been a gift from the Universe.

There was a new understanding that came with each past situation. I felt a thankfulness for each of these events, instead of regret. There seems to be a new peacefulness that has given me a new understanding of my life. I feel very strongly, that this program is helping me to heal my emotions.

The Universal Energetic Balancing Program has helped me with a long standing skin problem that my medical doctors have not been able to diagnose. What a relief this program has provided me. I feel like I am more balanced physically, mentally and have a greater peaceful connection with my spiritual essence.

We feel that the Universal Energetic Balancing Program has increased our stamina and has provided us extra emotional stability in handling our newborn son. We feel the program has taken care of those “little physical annoyances” that seem to be ever present in our bodies. The best affect we both feel that the UEB Program has provided us, is when we have been exposed to colds and flus, we just don't seem to get as sick. We are grateful for being on this program. What a wonderful insurance policy for well-being!

I have been on the UEB Program since August of last year. I have had chronic allergies for 8 years. I have not been able to breathe through my nose for a very long time. Now my nose is totally clear. This is unbelievable, but there are no other variables. The program is the reason why my nose is clear and I can breathe again. I also have an unbelievable amount of energy which Is amazing. I was chronically fatigued for years. Thank you for this program. Feel free to use this testimony on your web site if you have one in the future.

Thank you for the Universal Energetic Balancing Program. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have pain relief in my knee. I have had severe chronic pain in my knees which regular pain medication helps a little. However, when I went on the program, the pain intensified for a few days and it was strange because I knew that the pain was “different” because my knees were more mobile although they were painful. Before, when I had the pain, I could not move my knees without more pain. Gradually the pain has almost left completely. I would recommend this program to anyone who suffers from pain.

The UEB Program has greatly improved the quality of my life. I have more energy and experience less in my very mentally and physically taxing job. My general overall health has increased and I have a new found feeling of well-being.

C.B. was devastated by a recent diagnosis of myasthenia gravis. After being on the UEB Program, she reports a steady gain in strength and ability to walk and also has experienced a decrease in anxiety.

March and April pollens have caused allergy-induced bronco-spasm requiring medication for the past several years. I experienced a couple episodes of tightness in the chest, which rapidly resolved without the need for any medication despite the fact that this has been an unusually high pollen season. I also have been exposed several times to people with virulent upper respiratory infections and have not acquired the infection. I feel that my immune system has definitely been enhanced.

I was distressed after surgery on my left knee to find myself unable to play tennis. I am now able to play tennis weekly since being on the UEB Program. I also traditionally suffered from “hay fever and broncospasm” during the high pollen count season and felt like tearing my eyes out, but have been able to go this allergy season without any medications.

I suffered extreme anxiety and nightmares after relocation to California. After being on the Universal Energetic Balancing Program, I am feeling much less anxious and have not had any nightmares. Also, my immune system has been greatly enhanced. Despite exposure to extremes in weather, I have remained physically well.



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