Life delivers enough twists and turns.
Since you cannot stop good and bad winds from blowing,
you can only choose to decide how to respond to those winds,
how to channel them, in what direction you channel them to your use.
Your choices in how to repond is the single strongest final factor.
As Canfield taught, "Event plus Response equals Outcome."
There is enormous power in your use of that statement.
It is not enough to know it. Knowing means little.
Only what you do with what you know has use.
With rare exceptions, you can profit now.
However bad the event seems to be,
Look for the way to turn it out,
for the worst serves the best.

The Success Shortcuts Route is here for you to help yourself.
You practiced the Success Shortcuts Route as a child, then forgot.
From today, your brain moves more and more and more towards resolution..

Succeeding Faster With The Success Shortcuts Route Past The WaveRings
Succeeding Faster with Mr_Shortcut

Succeeding faster is a pretty experience with WaveRings, The Success Shortcuts Route
EyeCandy waverings into success.
Developing your better potential by succeeding faster with shortcuts and WaveRings by Mr_Shortcut.
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Empowering Yourself With Success Shortcuts Route EyeCandy

There already IS a Psychology of Shortcuts within you, as well as a Psychology of Longevity.
They are the impulses to do things more fruitfully, more efficiently, one step better than before.
It is YOUR choice to operate and function within the realm of mediocrity, or excellence, always.

Choosing to do things at least one percent better with each repetition can be YOUR magic.
This tiny step, simply improving your efforts by one percent with each repetition, every day,
is how you awaken the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity within YOU.